Punishment vs consequences in minor hockey

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Where is the line between Punishment and Discipline?

Being a great coach means establishing discipline in your players. Even so called “Players’ Coaches” have to keep players in line.

But where is the line where discipline crosses into punishment? And when it does, what is considered a reasonable level of punishment in minor hockey?

Recently a minor hockey coach in Montreal came under fire for making his team do push ups (various reports have the number of push ups between 100-500) following a loss. If you didn’t hear about it, you can catch up HERE.

In this week’s episode of Minor Hockey Talk we discuss this coaches actions, our own experience disciplining our teams (we’re not always proud of it), and we share some examples of coaches who have a great outlook on disciplining players without punishing them.

Oh….and Derek (@derek_popke) showed up with a moustache. Which was weird. See below..

Derek Popke Moustache Vancouver Hockey School

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