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PODCAST | The Playoff Push with Kelvin & Aaron

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The National Hockey League’s trade deadline came and went this week and it was, well, weak. Why did we see so little activity with this year’s edition? Probably because most teams in the league still believe they have a shot to make the playoffs. Peter Chiarelli of the Edmonton Oilers is pretty confident his squad is going to qualify for the postseason for the first time since 2006 (sobs uncontrollably), so why didn’t he make a significant move to bolster his club?

Because he wants to give the players who’ve brought them this far a chance to prove themselves on hockey’s biggest stage.

In this week’s edition of the Minor Hockey Talk podcast, Kelvin and Aaron share some old playoff stories filled with triumph and glory.

Did that say triumph and glory? It was supposed to say pain and heartache.

Enjoy the podcast!

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