Goals – They don’t grow on trees

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Goal scoring: where does it come from and how do you find more of it?

Unfortunately the answer isn’t – It grows on trees!

Kelvin, as you may know by now, is the Assistant Coach with the UBC men’s hockey program and on their opening weekend of the season, they were snake-bitten offensively. Aaron and Kelvin had a conversation about how to produce offence and to convince the UBC players that they WOULD find the back of the net in their home opener against the U of A Golden Bears. Low and behold the “Birds” exploded for 5 goals and a 5-2 WIN! (You can watch the highlights HERE)

 Moral of the story = Aaron gives great coaching advice.

 …and for the UBC Thunderbirds, as is the case with most teams at all levels, goal scoring is a continuous work in progress.

 So if you haven’t guessed by now, in this week’s episode we’re talking about goal scoring. Hopefully, some of our tips and anecdotal stories will resonate with you coaches, parents and MHA folk trying to squeeze more goals out of your players.

Enjoy and if you have any feedback, tips of your own or want to suggest a topic for us to discuss in a future episode, hit us up on Twitter (@TheCoachesSite) using the hashtag #MinorHockeyTalk.

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