Stevens Pro Skating – Offensive Concepts for Ice Hockey Forwards

Ice Hockey Coach Offensive concepts forwards Troy Stevens Pro Skating

11/8/2015 Dallas Stars @ Detroit RedWings

10:49 1st Period

Great sequence by DET #40 Zetterberg on controlling the defenseman’s skates & using the net to create space / scoring chance

During this sequence, players can study how Detroit’s #40 Zetterberg is able to execute several examples of offensive concepts / principles of puck possession (escaping pressure, creating space & extending possession)

Inspire Connect Lead

Picture #1:

10-foot game / timing (lift D’s stick to steal puck as the puck arrives)

Creates a seal /skates behind the net towards open corner

Troy Stevens - Creating offense 1

Picture #2:

Builds space off the wall / creates “trap door” (stays off the boards & leaves himself space to turn into)

Encourages the “Chase” / draws 2 DALLAS defenders / 1st Forced Switch

As the defenders chase, he escapes pressure & heads back behind the net

Troy Stevens - Offensive Concepts 2

Picture # 3:

 Gains body position on DAL# 2 / Accepts D “Push”

Troy Stevens - Offensive Concepts 3

Picture #4

2nd Forced Switch / Shields puck while maintaining vision (Cross Body)

Troy Stevens - Offensive Concepts 4

Picture #5

 Finds defenseman DET #25 Green dropping into seam

Troy Stevens - Offensive Concepts 5

Picture #6

DET #25 Green makes a nice backhand to forehand move (to go around DAL#90)

& releases the puck in-stride for a scoring chance

Troy Stevens - Offensive Concepts 6

Skills that players need to acquire

  • Strong Edges / Wide Base / ability to stay “low to the ice”
  • Power Turn
  • Ability to keep vision & shield puck while moving
  • Weight Shift
  • 10-foot game – ability to separate / rotate upper body from lower body
  • Hockey IQ / Ability to beat 1 man / Read & Recognize 2 x 1 opportunities in OZ

Full Sequence Video Clip:

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