7 offensive zone face-off strategies used by the Boston Bruins (VIDEOS)

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Here comes the third and last part of my breakdown on the Boston Bruins face-offs. This one is all about the offensive zone face-off.

We will see seven different face-offs strategies that the Bruins use every night, and for the last video, a medley of face-offs they had attempted a couple of times last season.

1. D-to-D, to the goal line

Yes, it’s a D-to-D, then to the goal line. You aren’t dreaming.

The purpose behind this face-off is to use the width of the ice while one of your players goes behind the net and receives the pass on the goal line. When this play happens, the forward with the puck has plenty of options because you have the centre at the net, the other winger high in the slot, and you could ask your defenceman on the opposite side to go back door.


2. Double shooter

How to create more space on the face-off before the linesman drops the puck? Line up a couple of feet from the hash marks. For this face-off, the Bruins switch their wingers, the lefty on the right side and the righty on the left side. If your centre wins the face-off along the wall, the winger has three options:
1. Shoot right away
2. Pass to the winger for a one-timer
3. Pass to D2



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