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Ray Ferraro: How to Build Up Young Hockey Players

He’s back! Ray Ferraro is a local legend here in Vancouver, though I’m not sure it’s because of his ridiculous junior hockey prowess or 400+ goals scored for six National Hockey League teams. Those items are part of it, sure, but I think one of the reasons Ray has endeared himself to the local market […]

Ray Ferraro TSN Ice Hockey Analyst Coaching Tips and Drills Building a Player

PODCAST | Don Hay & the Magic of the World Junior Tournament

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! For hockey coaches from St. John’s to the Sunshine Coast, it’s a time to forget about the real world of work, practice, and whatever else drags you down. It’s time to focus on hockey tournaments, games, short term competitions, and a relatively new ritual here in Canada: […]

Don Hay Glass and Out World Junior Ice Hockey Championships Coach Tips and Drills

PowerPlayer: Feedback is Fuel for Young Hockey Players

Good coaching exists in that intersection where time, passion and effort meet. And these days, a fourth element—communication and feedback—has been added to the mix. Any coach will tell you that it can be tough for everything to align. Most are volunteers with a desire to give back to the sport, while juggling the endeavour […]

PODCAST | Florida Panthers Assistant Coach Ben Cooper

It might surprise you to learn that not every National Hockey League franchise oozes money. We’re used to the big budget teams of western Canada – Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton – but when it comes to the Florida Panthers, they have to make it work without unlimited resources. And for Ben Cooper, Florida’s assistant coach responsible […]

CoachThem Drill of the Week – 2 Shot Regroup Station

Drill Description: O1 starts in the middle of blue line and skates to either “sideboard” to receive the pass from X1 or X2. – After pass, X who passed battles net front against O2. O1 repeats to opposite “sideboard” and other X passes to O1 at the blue line and battles 2v1 net front against O2. O1 can […]

2 Shot Regroup Station CoachThem Mike Weaver Ic eHockey Tips and Drills

Pucks Touches & The Key Advantages of Cross Ice Hockey

Minor hockey in Canada is wrestling with an important balancing act. Hockey Dads are volunteering their time in arenas from Kitsilano to Tipton in North Edmonton to Halifax, Nova Scotia and everywhere in between. I’ve yet to hear a negative word regarding these Dads, and for good reason. They’re putting their skates on at 7 […]

Kelvin Cech Cross ice Hockey Coach Tips and Drills

CoachThem Drill of the Week – 2 vs 2 Point Shot Small Area Game

Drill Description: Emphasizes Offensive and Defensive Net Front Play Version 1 Begins with two players from each team inside the end zone, neutral goaltender and a point man from each team near the blue line. On a change of possession, each team must pass the puck to their point man before they can score. The point man can […]

2vs2 Point Shot Small Area Game Coachthem Ice Hockey Drill Coach Coaching Tips and Drills Mike Weaver NHL

3 Super Secret Prescouting Tactics for Busy Hockey Coaches

At this point last year I was flying to Lethbridge and writing about mortgages, seaplanes, and residential drainage solutions. I’d recently accepted a role as assistant coach with the UBC Men’s Hockey Team, but prior to that, it was a juggling act to keep my hockey dream alive. I suppose that juggling act never really […]

Prescouting hockey Kelvin Cech Ice Hockey Coach Tips and Drills