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CoachThem Drill of the Week: 1vs1, 2vs1, 3vs2 Add On

Keep your forwards thinking after the first shot. And the second. And the third. Drill Description: On whistle F1 starts by receiving puck from Coach and going down the ice 1 vs 1 with D1. After the play F1 receives next puck from Coach and goes on a 2 vs 1 with F2 on D2. Final regroup with F3 joining F1 & F2, on a 3 vs […]

CoachThem Drill of the week

How to Shoot the Puck like Patrick Laine

I bet you’ve probably noticed that some shooters seem to just get it. There are certain players in every league that shoot the puck just right and consistently put the biscuit in the basket. They find ways to score all the time. They beat goalies with ease and make it look easy. Patrick Laine is […]

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VIDEO | 1on1 With TSN’s Dave Poulin at the OMHA AGM

“In other years they tried to find perfection instead of finding the perfect team. This year they sought the perfect team.” That was Dave Poulin in an interview with Coaches Site founder Aaron Wilbur at the Ontario Minor Hockey Association’s Annual General Meeting last week in Toronto. Dave spoke on behalf of the Coaches Site […]

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The Regroup | What If You Don’t Get Drafted?

Watching former players walk the stage at the NHL Draft, pull on the jersey of their adoptive team, and smile for photo opportunities is a special moment. Being drafted is the culmination of years spent working hard, sacrificing time and energy off the ice, and usually a supportive parent or two. But that also applies […]

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CoachThem Drill of the Week: 1on1 D-Man Fold to the Middle

A simple twist to traditional 1on1’s. Drill Description: F lineup on hash marks… NO Cheating D lineup with stick touching boards On whistle F takes off with the puck on a 1 vs 1 with D D can’t turn forwards until the Red Line ADVANCED: D lies flat on the ice with stick touching boards. Key Points: D on start stay low, must […]

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