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Podcast | Mike Gillis & the Search for Knowledge & Excellence in Hockey

May 24, 2019

Mike Gillis is a former player agent, lawyer, and most importantly around these parts, General Manager of the Vancouver Canucks, but it's what he's learned in his time away from the game that we're interested in these days. Mr. Gillis has spent the past few years touring sports performance powerhouses all over the globe - Switzerland, Spain, here on North ...

Summer Skills Series: How to Skate Like Jack Eichel

May 23, 2019

There are things hockey superstars like Jack Eichel do that you have probably never heard of before, but you've definitely seen. At Train 2.0 we aim to give names to the things that NHL'ers use so they're easy to identify and teach to your players. We call these things Magic Mechanics. These are the movements (mechanics) that allow NHL'ers to ...

Becanic: The Important Details of Defending a 5on6 Assault

May 22, 2019

In the first two rounds of the Stanley Cup playoffs there were a total of 70 games played. In 39 of those games, the team trailing pulled their G in favour of the extra attacker late in the 3rd. There has been much discussion and debate over how passive the defending teams appear to be. But that couldn’t be any ...

2019 Hockey Coaches Conference Speaker Series: San Jose Sharks HC Pete DeBoer

May 21, 2019

Few people in hockey circles would dispute the fact that you need to possess a strong work ethic and a tireless approach to your craft to not only get opportunities, but to get the message across to your players. One coach who's gaining notoriety for that journey is San Jose Sharks Head Coach Pete DeBoer. Coach DeBoer is speaking at ...

2019 TeamSnap Hockey Coaches Conference