Hockey Share Drill of the Week: Breakout 2v1 & Point Shot   Drill Description:  Forwards dump puck in to opposite corners. D2 retrieves the puck D1 moves to support position. F1 and F2 move to wing breakout and center breakout positions. D2 passes to D1, D1 passes to F1 on the wing. F1 and F2 head up ice for a 2v1 vs D4 – D1 […]

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Geno Auriemma: Why Body Language Matters

This is perhaps the most important video I’ve watched this year as it pertains to my coaching career. For the past few years as I’ve worked with players ranging from 8 years to 18 to 26, I’ve struggled to answer a simple question. Why does body language matter? I mean, as coaches we know it matters, […]

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Pro Players Panel with Natalie Spooner, Brendan Gaunce, & Mike Duco

“He knew he could push me vocally maybe moreso than some other players.” That’s Brendan Gaunce in the video below talking about his first season of professional hockey played for brand new Vancouver Canucks head coach Travis Green with the Utica Comets. For Gaunce, the approach taken by Green to treat each player differently, as an […]

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Hockey Share Drill of the Week: Wrap Support 2v1   Drill Description:  Co wraps puck 1 to F1 – F1 stops it, F2 cuts across high in the zone to support, F1 passes to F2 for a quick shot. Co passes puck 2 to D1 for a quick point shot – F1 & F2 tip. Co chips a 3rd puck out and F1 […]

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Job Posting: Head Coach NEBC Trackers

The NEBC District & Yukon Trackers is a Midget T1 Hockey Team registered as a Tier 1 club within BC Hockey. The Team is based out of North-East British Columbia (Dawson Creek and Fort St John) with players from the Yukon also eligible to participate within. The Trackers play within a Major AA league known […]

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The Ten Qualities of a Playoff Difference Maker!

“Momentum favours those with intention” -Walter Aguilar During the hockey playoffs, the games become more intense as the stakes get higher. However, there are certain players who can and do rise up to the challenge. They are the difference makers; the game finishers, game savers etc.! Their ability to score that timely goal, make that […]

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