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The Regroup | Quotes From Coaches at the AHCA Convention

Last week the team at The Coaches Site travelled to Naples, Florida for the American Hockey Coaches of America’s Coaching Convention. The event is used by NCAA hockey coaches across the country to connect and grow their game. The Coaches Site takes part by hosting a speaker series. These presenters are some of the brightest […]

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5 Tips for Preventing Injuries on the Ice

Accidents happen on the ice all the time that lead to injured hockey players. It’s a physically demanding sport where high impacts take a toll on a players’ bodies, even at the minor level. From collisions along the boards, getting hacked with a stick, hit by a puck or just falling, injuries on the ice […]

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CoachThem Drill of the Week: 1on1 Progression

Want to get your players fired up at the end of practice? Drill Description: On whistle O1 plays X1 1 vs 1 2nd whistle they leave their puck and join O2 and X2 which turns into a 2 vs 2.​​​​​​ Optional: No Whistle. Coach sends in two more players which turns it into 3 vs 3 Key Points: […]

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A Business Case for 1on1 Meetings With Hockey Players

Featured Image courtesy of Jason Yee I watched a short video clip on The Coaches Site recently with Ken Hitchcock. Ken was saying that the majority of players these days need one on one coaching sessions. I couldn’t agree more with Ken’s statement. I would advance the statement to say all players need coaching sessions […]

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CoachThem Drill of the Week: 3 Shot 2 vs 1

Warm up your goalies and your shooters with today’s drill of the week. Drill Description: F1 rolls out of the corner and takes a shot on goal, stopping in front F2 (waits allows time for goalie to recover) attack straight at the net, quick shot on goal F3 Passes puck up to D D walks to […]

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It’s Conference Season! Notes from the AHCA Convention in Naples, Florida

Update: Aaron & I recorded a quick podcast to tee up the conference. Listen here! —- I’m sitting in the backyard of an AirBNB in Naples, Florida waiting for the start of the American Hockey Coaches Association’s annual convention in Naples, Florida. Our podcast gear is set up, my talented colleague Jay Aikenhead is tapping […]

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Creating Offense: D Shots & Funnelling the Puck

At this time of year while teams are grinding through the playoffs it becomes increasingly more difficult for the D to get pucks on net. With a greater commitment to blocking shots and overall team defense, the D are challenged and forced to be creative to avoid killing offense zone possession. For those of you […]

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The Coaches Site is Headed to Florida

The Coaches Site is going to Florida! Could there be a better place to immerse ourselves in the greatest game on ice than the warm beaches on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico? The American Hockey Coaches Association’s (AHCA) Annual General Meeting takes place April 25-28 in Naples, Florida. This will be our 3rd […]

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