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Drill of the Week: Rochester 2 vs 1 or 3 vs 1

Drill Description: D1 passes to F1 and skates to the top of the circle then retrieves dump from F1 F1 gets across to take EITHER the far lane or the middle lane F2 comes from the other line and fills the empty lane by F1 D1 makes a breakout pass to F1 or F2 and […]

33 Shots in a Period: Breaking Down Tampa Bay’s Historic Offensive Night

Let me first off thank everyone for such positive feedback from last year working with the Coaches Site. Having the opportunity to speak at the Team Snap Coaches Conference was certainly an informative and enjoyable experience. I look forward to continuing with the site and offering my thoughts on various topics relating to hockey IQ. […]

Video | Todd Woodcroft: Creating Offense From Zone Entries

Watching the rise of the Winnipeg Jets has been a treat for hockey fans and coaches in the Manitoba capital for a few seasons now, so you can imagine the excitement of seeing them in action, in games and practices, every day. Assistant coach Todd Woodcroft is one of the people responsible for flying the […]

The Regroup | Playing Forward in Today’s NHL

It’s a new month here at The Coaches Site and that means we’ve got a new theme. Forwards. The game has undergone a renaissance in the past few years when it comes to puck possession and playing the game with speed and urgency. Never before have coaches done as much in practice to encourage offense. […]

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Drill of the Week: Harpo 2 on 0 Net Drive

Drill Description: F2 and F1 Leave together at one end, one touching passing to each other down the ice F1 passes  the puck to F3 at the opposite end F1 and F2  loop around receiving a wide pass from F3. F2 then bumps the puck wide to F1 F1 stays wide and F2 drives the net looking for rebounds  Key Points: One end at a time After Players […]

Understanding Dopamine & How it Effects Your Coaching

The brain includes several distinct dopamine pathways, one of which plays a major role in the motivational component of reward-motivated behaviour. Source This is an article I’ve been wanting to write for a long time. It’s about coaches, how we operate, and how our methods effect young hockey players on a cellular level. Now, I’m not a […]

Video | Shane Toporowski: How Skate Profiles Impact Development

Sharpening skates has turned into a science in the past decade. What hockey coach among us hasn’t wondered if the players falling all over the ice in front of our eyes can’t be blamed on whoever sharpened their skates earlier? Shane Toporowski knows what it’s like to have the local farmer sharpen his skates. Player […]