What a Ride – 20 Years in Minor Hockey

In terms of minor hockey twenty years is a long time. An uncomfortably long time. And I say uncomfortable because at the beginning of the past twenty year period I was a young parent, with young kids and I had absolutely no idea how any of the hockey gear was supposed to be worn except […]

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The RVH double hinge recovery tactic is dynamic skating practice that can help you in a variety of situations. Pasco from Elite Goalies walks you through this posture to maximize your development in the skill.     For more from Pasco and Elite Goalies checkout elitegoalies.ca

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FROM BEHIND THE BENCH: Old School by Doug Crashley

Doug “Crash” Crashley is the president of Crash Conditioning, a hockey performance centre in Calgary, Alberta. He’s seen big changes in the industry in nearly 20 years as a strength conditioning coach. He’s learned what it takes to develop young players into pros. In our newest instalment of FROM BEHIND THE BENCH, Crash gives us […]

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Top 5 Ways To Support Your Athlete in the Offseason

Your season is over and the offseason is now here. It’s time to take a breath, rest, and recalibrate. The offseason is crucial. How it’s approached and used will determine the quality of next season. As parents and coaches it’s our responsibility to help our athletes become the best they’re capable of. What does an […]

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Jeremy Rupke: The Finer Details of Shooting the Puck

  “He scored 50 goals in the NHL, I think he knows what he’s talking about.” The debate about the proper way to shoot rages on, and for Jeremy Rupke, it’s an argument that’s not really worth our time. Why? Because there’s more than one way to shoot the puck. Just like there are players […]

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How to Download Hockey Sense Into Your Players

Today, we download hockey sense into your players. Kind of like updating their “hockey sense” app. Many of you know that our brains work great by ASSOCIATION. So our brains LINK things together really well. If I say “The Great One”, you think “Gretzky”. To test this out, ask someone to “Free Associate” with the […]

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Five Reasons Why Playoffs Are Unique!

Hockey players who have played in the playoffs know that the energy and intensity behind games becomes different. They fight all year to get there, but only one team can be the champions. These are five things that make the playoffs games unique: 1. The overall intensity is higher because of the importance of each […]

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