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The Final Myth Standing in the Way of Youth Hockey

Throughout the summer Brad Hamacher has delivered an in-depth analysis on the state of the minor hockey system in North America. Today we welcome the third and final instalment as we all embark on another season. The question to ask yourself is this: what are you going to do this season to create a positive […]

The Art of Winning Puck Battles With Your Hips

How do players with amazing battling abilities keep control of the puck in tight situations. How do they emerge victorious, puck on their stick, from almost every corner battle? How does Sidney Crosby effortlessly fend off the best defenders in the NHL? How do smaller players win the puck in the corners against that bigger […]

The NHL Intensity Formula: How to Up Your Game Like You Never Thought Possible

Coaches often tell their players to ‘be more intense’ or ‘battle’ or ‘compete’. Experienced players likely have an idea what this means. But for younger players from junior to minor hockey these instructions are often not clear. So players will often hear these terms but never act on them because they simply aren’t sure what […]

VIDEO | Calgary Flames Head Coach Bill Peters: Are Your Players Aware?

“There’s a guy on a national broadcast who talks about faceoffs being overrated.” That’s then Carolina Hurricanes Head Coach Bill Peters speaking at the American Hockey Coaches Association AGM a couple years back. It’s a great way to kick off a presentation, because the audience can already get a sense for Peters’ confidence, passion, and […]

Youth Hockey Myths Part 2: The 5 Worst Lies About Minor Hockey

Brad Hamacher is back to follow up on his popular first post outlining some of the harsh realities of our game in the minor hockey system, 5 Myths Standing in the Way of Youth Hockey. Local League Games Don’t Matter At some point someone started spreading the gospel that local league games are no longer […]

VIDEO | Winnipeg Jets Assistant Coach Jamie Kompon On Habits for Defensemen

“Every time you take a stride with the puck, the picture changes.” For me, the most helpful part of attending coaching conferences in the summer is the inevitable terminology that sticks in your brain. These days I’m responsible for defensemen in my current position, it’s three years in and I’m still using terminology that I […]

Jamie Kompon Habits and Details for Playing Defense Ice Hockey Coach