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How to Build an Obstacle-Leaping, Adversity-Defeating, High Performance Hockey Team

In Coaching Hockey, Culture, Leadership by Mike Coldham

Every Head Coach should take advantage of the opportunity to create a Culture Statement that outlines the specific values and beliefs that will be used as a filter to make his/her decisions. These values and beliefs are to be used by every team member to guide their decisions, actions and behaviours. The values and beliefs become the “way things are …

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5 Questions to Help Your Players Build a Great Culture

In Coaching Hockey, Culture by Kyle Elmendorf

Every coach in the world desires a great team culture. Team building is one of the most important aspects of coaching. As coaches we know there’s only so many things we can do. There’s only so much of us to go around. As much as we’d like, we can’t be all places, reaching every athlete, at one time. One of …

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The Final Myth Standing in the Way of Youth Hockey

In Culture by Brad Hamacher

Throughout the summer Brad Hamacher has delivered an in-depth analysis on the state of the minor hockey system in North America. Today we welcome the third and final instalment as we all embark on another season. The question to ask yourself is this: what are you going to do this season to create a positive experience on and off the …

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So Far, So Great For Entry-Level Youngsters Playing On Smaller Ice Surfaces

In Culture, HockeyNow by Brendan NagleLeave a Comment

HONEY, I SHRUNK THE RINK. No, Rick Moranis hasn’t taken over minor hockey in Canada. But, the powers that be in Canadian community hockey have taken a page out of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids — the 1980s feature film in which Moranis starred as a residential inventor/scientist whose kids are unwittingly shrunk with a home-built shrink-ray. The move by Hockey Canada and its provincial partners …

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FROM BEHIND THE BENCH: Go With Your Gut by Jay Woodcroft

In FROM BEHIND THE BENCH, Leadership by The Coaches Site

Jay Woodcroft recently became the Head Coaching for the Bakersfield Condors, the Edmonton Oilers’ affiliate in the American Hockey League. After 13 years as an assistant coach in the NHL, first with the Detroit Red Wings (2005), then the San Jose Sharks (2008) and more recently with the Edmonton Oilers (2015), Jay has spent most of his coaching career in …

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Hockey’s Great Debate: Analytics vs Eyeballs

In Coaching Hockey, Tactics by Kelvin Cech

It’s interesting how slow the hockey industry is when it comes to adopting new tactics to improve your team. I’m not old enough to remember Roger Nielsen re-inventing hockey by literally cutting video tape for hours on end in order to show his players what he was seeing. I’m also not old enough to to remember when Fred Shero hired …

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Walter Aguilar: Building Trust Between Hockey Players & Coaches

In Leadership by The Coaches Site

“If you can get your players into that zone and executing your game-plan more often, then you’re going to find a greater level of success.” Walter Aguilar spoke at our conference this past summer and his presentation instantly struck a chord with me – with most of the coaches in attendance too, I’m sure. One of the main things Walter …