Florida Panthers Assistant Coach Paul McFarland spoke at our 2018 Coaches Conference in Toronto about the importance of creating more zone time. For Paul and the Panthers, everything in hockey, offensive zone time included, comes back to the fundamentals. You’ll spend more time scoring goals if you can skate. Can you get to loose pucks quicker than the opponent? Can you make tape to tape passes to keep defenders guessing? Are you strong enough on your edges so that you don’t get knocked off the puck in the corner?

Whether you’re coaching in south Florida, the Northwest Territories, or East Vancouver, we all want to spend more time in the offensive zone. Paul’s got the video evidence in his presentation to help you do it.


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  • Great content, cont see the video examples as camera doesn’t zoom in on his video examples

  • 100% agree with Derrick. The visuals are usually excellent in the videos…I’m surprised with this one.

  • Thanks for the comment Derrick. We weren’t given the presentation files from Mr. McFarland so we are unable to splice the visuals into the video. We are communicating with him to try and retrieve them. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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