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By Enio Sacilotto, Assistant Coach, Victoria Royals (WHL), President, International Hockey Camps (www.coachenio.com)

Below are 17 drills (& some games) designed to practise individual penalty killing skills. How these drills are used is up to the imagination of the coach. They can be done as individual drills before or after practise or they can be done is stations.

It is important that the coach stress the fundamentals of killing penalties. Stop players often to correct them and give them feedback. Your penalty killing can be the difference in winning and losing!

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Enio Sacilotto

Enio Sacilotto is the President of International Hockey Camps and the Director of Player Development for the Victoria Royals of the Western Hockey League. You can call Coach Enio at 604 255 4747 or email at enio@coachenio.com to talk shop any time.


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