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PODCAST | The Art of Mindfulness with NHL First Round Pick Kris Beech

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Former first round NHL draft pick Kris Beech has seen a lot. The pressure of being a high draft choice, being involved in one of the most high profile trades of the last 25 years, and struggling to find the best version of himself on and off the ice created a weight on Kris’s mind that at one point he thought he’d never overcome.

Fortunately for Kris, and for us, he’s found new ways to train his own mind in order to enable optimum performance whether you’re playing hockey, coaching hockey, or just watching hockey from the couch.

Check out Kris and Aim Mindfulness here.

In the meantime, the Minor Hockey Talk podcast is back for another season. Today Kris Beech joins Aaron and Kelvin to talk about the importance of focus, concentration, and the benefits a clear mind can have on your purple monkey dishwasher.

Hockey career, I mean hockey career.


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