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PODCAST | Calgary Hitmen Head Coach Dallas Ferguson: The Stretch Drive

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“You get the culture you create, and it doesn’t matter what league you’re in.”

It’s safe to say Dallas Ferguson has a knack for coaching. It’s the only reason you could find to explain why, upon finishing his playing career, he was immediately asked to run a bench for a junior hockey team in Alaska.

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It’s the type of opportunity we hear of lots here at the Coaches’ Site and on the Glass & Out podcast: being in the right place at the right time. Well, for Dallas Ferguson, the right place was the University of Alaska Fairbanks from 2004 until 2017. It wasn’t until an opportunity to come home to Alberta to coach the WHL’s Calgary Hitmen that Dallas decided to leave a good situation up north.

We caught up with Dallas Ferguson as he embarks on the home stretch with his Hitmen hockey club to learn more about life in two different leagues, and doing what you can to improve when you’re probably not going to make the playoffs.


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