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The Regroup: March 19th Edition

In The Regroup by Kelvin Cech

Welcome to the TCS Regroup. This is a brand new space to catch you up on all the content on The Coaches’ Site from the previous week, plus special announcements and other favourite stuff from all around the coaching world. First up? A special sit-down with CEO Aaron Wilbur.

  1. The Coaches Conference is coming back to Toronto this summer. Why the switch back to the big smoke?
    Moving to Toronto gives a new, motivated group of coaches the opportunity to attend the event live. We’ve built a strong relationship and a loyal following in Vancouver, but it’s a challenge logistically for coaches in other provinces to attend. We’re very excited about the opportunity to go back to Toronto again and our ticket sales are off to the best start we’ve ever had, so we’re anticipating one of the largest gatherings of hockey coaches ever assembled.
  2. Besides the coaches’ conference every summer, in your words, what’s the mission of the coaches’ site?
    Our mission is to connect passionate hockey coaches with the best people in the industry. Professional coaches we work with have so much to offer from their experience and a genuine passion for the game, and they’re all willing to give back. Our goal is to act as the bridge, we want to be the link to the best information in our game.
  3. We’ve got the conference and a member’s site, but we’re also pumping out more helpful free content than ever. What’s the idea behind that model?
    We recognize that there’s no one singular right way to coach. Being a coach is a process of picking and choosing a lot of ideas and assimilating them into your own team or program. The free content gives a platform for great coaches to share their ideas. Great coaches create a great experience for young athletes. Plus, our company is built on hockey coaches like myself, you, Jay Aikenhead, Ben Cooper, so we really believe in a platform that allows everyone access to the best tips and knowledge possible.
  4. Who do you like to win the Stanley Cup?
    There’s more parity in the league than ever so it’s tough to choose. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’ve developed a soft spot for the Winnipeg Jets. We work with their coaches at the conference, we had Todd Woodcroft, assistant coach on the podcast a couple weeks back. They’re just so fun to watch, so I’m picking Winnipeg.

Puck Possession: Turn the Puck North

Rewind the clock 10 or even five years and you’d never see the type of possession game that teams are playing these days. Think back to your own playing days – if you had the puck just inside the blueline, you’d do everything possible to get it deep as quickly as you could, right?

1. Creating Something Out of Nothing

It looks like the right play for Florida’s Vincent Trochek is to collect the puck and pass it to his defenseman. Instead, the D-man points up ice and Trochek ends up creating a mini 2on1 out of nothing instead of slowing the game down. When coaches talk about playing fast, this is what they mean.

2. Quick Up

We don’t need to re-invent the wheel, however. Here Calgary’s Johnny Gaudreau picking up the puck just inside the offensive blueline. Do you think he could have kept it in? Maybe. Instead he delays, waits for the forechecker to peel off to the bench, and turns it north himself. Too bad he makes a terrible decision on the blueline. This is why coaches want pucks deep, Johnny.

3. Possession

This is puck possession to a T. Pittsburgh’s Jake Guentzel easily could have kept the puck in the zone. It’s a 4on4 situation, but a confident Guentzel goes for a skate, his teammates reload and attack with speed, and all of a sudden Pittsburgh has a great chance and no one Jake Guentzel takes the puck outside of the zone and goes for a skate

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