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The Regroup | Mid-Season Measurements & Analytics

In The Regroup by Kelvin Cech

2019 is here and hopefully, so too is the improvement of your hockey team. Bit of a stretch? Alright, perhaps our wit is stuck in 2018.

Anyways, one of the great things we talked about last week here at TCS HQ is the importance of analytics. Now, you might not want to spend the time measuring your peewee team’s fenwick or PDO %, and that’s fine – but it’s still valuable to understand that not every hockey player will affect the game equally.

Last week also brought us a world junior champion in Team Finland. It’s fantastic to see the game is alive and well in a nation of about 5 million people. If that stat doesn’t inspire Canadians and Americans who saw their teams fall short of the gold medal, then nothing will.

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