How to Handle Player Releases with Tact

All you can do is set the table for your releases, be direct, and be honest.

“Ok, it’s time for the easiest part of any coach’s job. The cuts.”

Classic Homer Simpson. But what was a hilariously simplified process in the mid-90s for a fictional parent football coach, is anything but a fifth of the way into the 21st century. These days coaches agonize over releasing kids for a variety of reasons. 

Their parents will hate you. 

The athlete will hate you. 

It might be a huge mistake. 

Yep. All those things could come true, but it’s still your responsibility to make a decision and then deliver that decision with grace and tact. 

Because no matter how difficult you find the process, remember when you were sitting on the other side of the table? 

Yeah. So suck it up.

An Ideal Schedule

Players and parents should know what their timeline is. Parents are doing their best to support their children throughout tryouts, and you owe it to the kids, the organization, and yourself to help in any way you can.

All you can do is set the table for your releases, be direct, and be honest . . .



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