New goaltending training product utilizes virtual reality

Bob Tetiva

Technology and sports innovator, former basketball pro, Sense Arena founder. Lives in Prague, Czech Republic and Boston, MA.

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"Train your brain, find an edge."

“Train your brain, find an edge.”

That’s the thinking behind a new virtual reality goaltending training platform developed by Sense Arena.

An off-ice training platform, it aims to improve read and react cognitive capabilities, which are critical for peak performance for hockey players. The methodology and drills of the Boston-based sports performance training company are developed in cooperation with professional NHL players and coaches.

“When I first experienced Sense Arena I knew immediately it’s a game changer,” says Brian Daccord, a goaltending consultant with the Toronto Maple Leafs. “Sense Arena gives motivated goalies the opportunity to improve without the physical wear and tear associated with on-ice training.”

With virtual reality, goalies can improve release reading through watching interactive videos of players shooting the puck at them. Through cognitive skills development, goalies can work on their reaction speed, time-movement anticipation, multiple object tracking, and decision making. Sense Arena offers basic to advanced drills for working on game situations to practise reacting, tracking, and using peripheral vision, as well as working on screens, deflections, angles, and box control.

The web-based application is where goalies monitor their training results and coaches can create training plans.

With Sense Arena, you can train at home, or anywhere really, given the minimal equipment required. There are more advanced uses though, as the video below illustrates.


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“Load management is for me the big topic nowadays in goaltending, and that is exactly what Sense Arena brings — quality, realistic goalie training for pros, without the need to put on all the goalie gear,”‍ says Bill Ranford, a former Stanley Cup winning goalie and the longtime goaltending coach of the Los Angeles Kings.

Using the Oculus Quest helmet, goalies can make thousands more touches without the physical wear and tear on their bodies, while working on skills, box control, learning game situations, visualizing them, while managing concentration and stress.

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