Learn passing dynamics with defenders, breakouts, and transition.

Organizing multiple athletes during practice is a key function of every hockey coach. One challenge is devoting significant individual attention to players who might want to dig deeper into the trends or common situations that occur in a regular game. Sense Arena’s virtual reality simulation allows coaches and players the opportunity to study the game in various states, including breakouts and transitional play. It’s an enormous challenge to learn how to read open passing lanes whether a player has the puck or not, and there are numerous techniques that aren’t as natural or automatic as a coach might like during a regular practice. Sense Arena’s passing drills encourage players to keep their eyes up to recognize open teammates when they have the puck, and how to move into open passing lanes when they don’t.

Players usually don’t know exactly where the next pass will come from, so it’s important to learn how to read unique situations. This is an off-shoot of hockey sense – some players are simply easier to pass to than others because they always seem to be open. This isn’t a fluke, it’s a skill, and it’s one that Sense Arena can train in a controlled environment that adds more pressure as an athlete’s confidence and composure improves.

This video includes:

  • Passing dynamics with defenders, breakouts, and transition
  • Training passing skills such as keeping your head up, getting open, and passing under pressure
  • The player doesn’t know where the next pass will come from

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