Why shot volume and location are important predictors of goal-scoring

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Auston Matthews is one of the most elite goal scorers in the NHL. He has a quick release, identifies the play multiple moves before it happens, and is exceptionally skilled overall. Even with all that, does that guarantee goals?


Just like wins, no one can guarantee goals. However, what you can do is increase the probability that you will score more goals. How? Below is a breakdown that illustrates clues into what does.

Player breakdown

Player A below has four goals and a total of 18 shots in his past 10 games. This is an average of 1.8 shots per game with just over half from inside the house (thanks to InStat for the analytics).

Player B below has four goals too, but has 53 shots in his last 10 games. This is 5.3 shots per game with a majority of shots within the house.



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