It's about building confidence. 

The Global Skills Showcase, put on by The Coaches Site, was a hit with our readers.

We were joined by 19 of the best skills coaches in the world during the four-day event, including Calgary Flames player development coach Darren Rommerdahl.

Rommerdahl showed us how he works on skills in-season, specifically with a player returning from an injury. In this situation, Rommerdahl is working with players that are already good at the skills they’re working on.

It’s about building confidence.

“A key thing that we try to do when we get a player ready to go back into action is we need to have him very confident,” said Rommerdahl. “Not only confident that he is healed and ready to play, but sometimes we’re working with players that… haven’t played in a while. I’m trying to get them to get the confidence so that when they step back in ready to play, that they can contribute to the team success right off the hop.”

Rommerdahl went into detail about how he prepares players to return to game action, which he does by designing drills that mimic game situations.

Watch the full 33-minute presentation below with a membership to The Coaches Site

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Darren Rommerdahl

A development coach with the Calgary Flames, Darren Rommerdahl has also coached various levels of minor hockey from grassroots to AAA midget.
From there, Darren refocused his hockey aspirations, and began volunteering at the grassroots level as a coach and administrator. When he got into doing development work, that opened many doors, including with Hockey Canada and the Calgary Flames.
Darren’s first assignment with the Flames was working with injured players during their rehabilitation. He now works with the Flames coaching staff and management team on development strategies for players throughout the organization.

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