Steve Spott shares his Coaching Journey at TCS Live

Aaron Wilbur

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Having coached for almost 30 years, Spott can be used as a great example of working your way up the coaching ladder

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We’ve got a couple of special episodes to close out season four of the Glass and Out podcast.

We had the pleasure of being joined by longtime NHL coach Steve Spott for our first ever live episode of the podcast, which took place during TCS Live at the University of Michigan. Attended by close to 100 of our conference attendees at Conor O’Neill’s Pub, recording this podcast was one of the many highlights from a truly incredible week in Ann Arbor.

Spott has coached for close to 30 years and can be used as a great example of working your way up the coaching ladder, having made stops at just about every level of hockey. And while he was recently let go from his most recent gig in Vegas, there is no doubt he will find himself back in the NHL in no time.

Listen as we dive into his journey from Seneca College to eight consecutive seasons in the NHL, how he’s developed the technical aspects of his coaching and become known as a face-0ff specialist, and shares valuable advice that all aspiring coaches can take something from.

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