Successful strategies for engaging parents in your organization

"Empowering parents to get involved in your organization is one of the best ways to get all the little things done..."

In episode two of the Directors Club with Mike Bonelli, Mike is joined by veteran hockey directors Kim McCoullough, Director of Total Female Hockey, and Jim Haverstrom, Manager of Operations for the Florida Jr Panthers, to discuss how youth programs can incorporate parents into hockey operations and why it’s an important factor to organizational success.

“Empowering parents to get involved in your organization is one of the best ways to get all the little things done and give you time to direct and administer. When you take a group of independently talented people, you can create a culture in which they can manage and merge their talents in the best interest for you, your program and their kids.”

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You can catch the third webinar on Tuesday, January 11th @ 10:30am PST. 

Mike will be taking a detailed look at why bench management is important and ways that organizing the game day structure and experience can be beneficial for success. He’ll be joined by assistant coach of the Danish Women’s Ice Hockey Team, Tim Bothwell, and Chicago Mission Hockey Director, Gino Cavallini.

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Michael Bonelli

Currently the owner of Mike Bonelli Hockey Solutions, Bonelli has over 35 years of program building and planning experience for ice hockey. He has coached at every level of hockey and is considered as an expert in youth hockey programming, development, retention, and communication.

Bonelli currently works in advisory roles with some of the best support groups in the business of hockey including USA Hockey, USA Floorball, NHL teams like the NY Rangers, NY Islanders and NJ Devils, The Coaches Site, Power Player assessment program, CoachThem drill and practice software, Edge Boss Hockey training aids.

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