How to Download Hockey Sense Into Your Players

Today, we download hockey sense into your players. Kind of like updating their “hockey sense” app. Many of you know that our brains work great by ASSOCIATION. So our brains LINK things together really well. If I say “The Great One”, you think “Gretzky”. To test this out, ask someone to “Free Associate” with the […]

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How To End Sulking Players

Today, I make the bold claim that we can end sulking players. Forever! Wouldn’t that be nice? We all know the “Sulking Player”. They’re upset. They drain your energy. They drain the team’s energy. They don’t communicate. When they DO play, they suck. AND the parents are probably sulking TOO! It’s just a lose-lose situation. […]

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How to Make NHL Players – Analysis of Darryl Belfry & his methods

[This article was originally published at Train 2.0] Have you heard of Patrick Kane? How about Sidney Crosby? John Tavares? Matt Duchene? These guys all have one thing in common (besides being ridiculously skilled and playing in “the show”) and if you don’t know what it is, it might surprise you. That one thing that they […]

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The Weirdest Perspective On Hockey You’ve Come Across

Not long ago, I talked about treating your players like dogs. There was a funny part and an interesting part to this little piece. The funny part is that treating your players like dogs (properly) works. The interesting part, is that not many people understood it. One reason that few understood this article is because […]

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How to Dominate a Game – Thoughts for Next Season

Title: How to Dominate a Game – Thoughts for Next Season I recently wrote a farcical article exposing common thoughts in North American hockey. Most of the coaches who understood it enjoyed it. Today, we discuss how to dominate a game. We use the idea of puck control and puck positioning to do this. In battle, […]

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4 Common Ways to Win More Hockey Games

Today we learn 4 common ways to win more hockey games. I will do this in the form of a short list: 1) Intimidate the Referee Careful manipulation of the referee with degrading comments can be effective in getting calls in your favour. For example, if you are an older, intimidating coach, and the referee […]

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How to Coach Players Who Have No Confidence

Today we learn how to coach players who have no confidence. To illustrate, let me tell you about a time a famous NHL coach came out to our practice at UBC. He worked with us on our power play breakout. It was a decent breakout. If I had my angle right, and my teammates had […]

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Creating the Mindset of the NHL Top Scorer

We can all agree that having more scorers on your team would be great, right? What if every time one of your players got the puck in the slot, you knew it would be a dangerous shot? Rather than hanging your head when your sixth defenseman somehow gets a breakaway then pumps it into the […]

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How to Deal with Players Who Don’t “Battle” and “Compete”

The uncoachables. The damn players who won’t “battle” and “compete”. The ones that you see doing skillful stuff in practice, on their Instagrams and on their Snapchats…but who just WON’T increase their Intensity and battle in a game. Ugh! You’ve talked to them, you threatened them, you moved them down to the fourth line, you […]

Personable ice hockey players Jason Yee