VIDEO | How Sidney Crosby Protects the Puck

Players struggle to protect the puck in the corners for many different reasons. You probably wonder how players like Sidney Crosby can just so effortlessly keep the puck in the corners without ever seeming like they will lose it. The Crosby Protection formula works even though Sidney is not the biggest guy when it comes […]

The Erik Karlsson Deception Guide

What makes Erik Karlsson so deceptive with the puck? What allows him to deke players out on a consistent basis? After spending thousands of hours studying NHL deception mechanics and puckhandling patterns, I realized that Mr. Karlsson not only showed up in my analysis on a consistent basis, he was successful more than almost any […]

Erik Karlsson

The Art of Winning Puck Battles With Your Hips

How do players with amazing battling abilities keep control of the puck in tight situations. How do they emerge victorious, puck on their stick, from almost every corner battle? How does Sidney Crosby effortlessly fend off the best defenders in the NHL? How do smaller players win the puck in the corners against that bigger […]

The NHL Intensity Formula: How to Up Your Game Like You Never Thought Possible

Coaches often tell their players to ‘be more intense’ or ‘battle’ or ‘compete’. Experienced players likely have an idea what this means. But for younger players from junior to minor hockey these instructions are often not clear. So players will often hear these terms but never act on them because they simply aren’t sure what […]

How to Skate Like Connor McDavid 

Many people say that Connor McDavid is the fastest player in the NHL. That may be the case. If he is the fastest, wouldn’t you expect him to be more powerful and explosive then the average NHLer? If yo think like I previously did, then you will be blown away to hear that McDavid does […]

skate like connor mcdavid Jayson Yee Train 2.0

How to Shoot the Puck like Patrick Laine

I bet you’ve probably noticed that some shooters seem to just get it. There are certain players in every league that shoot the puck just right and consistently put the biscuit in the basket. They find ways to score all the time. They beat goalies with ease and make it look easy. Patrick Laine is […]

shoot puck Patrick Laine Winnipeg Jets Train 2.0 Jason Yee

How to Download Hockey Sense Into Your Players

Today, we download hockey sense into your players. Kind of like updating their “hockey sense” app. Many of you know that our brains work great by ASSOCIATION. So our brains LINK things together really well. If I say “The Great One”, you think “Gretzky”. To test this out, ask someone to “Free Associate” with the […]

Hockey Sense Hockey Coach Jason Yee Train 2.0

How To End Sulking Players

Today, I make the bold claim that we can end sulking players. Forever! Wouldn’t that be nice? We all know the “Sulking Player”. They’re upset. They drain your energy. They drain the team’s energy. They don’t communicate. When they DO play, they suck. AND the parents are probably sulking TOO! It’s just a lose-lose situation. […]

Hockey Player Sulking Ice Hockey Coach Tips and Drillls