The highly anticipated presentation from the University of Michigan Head Coach has arrived.

Brandon Naurato is a University of Michigan legend.

The 37-year-old Michigan product played four season for the Wolverines and was the Assistant Coach of their men’s hockey team when he presented on ice at TCS Live 2022. A few months later he was named Interim Head Coach, a position he currently holds.

The Wolverines are the sixth ranked team in Div 1 entering December, with a 11-6-1 record – a solid start for a first time Head Coach.

Naurato’s hockey background is vast and includes three years as a Player Development Consultant with the Detroit Red Wings, before returning to his alma mater. Prior to that Naurato specialized in on-ice skill-based player development; his clients included NHLers Zach Werenski, Jack and Quinn Hughes, Dylan Larkin, Kyle Connor, Andrew Copp, and Josh Norris.

All this to say Naurato is a big name in hockey. If you’re unfamiliar with why, watching his TCS Live presentation will change that.

Fun fact: Naurato is one of eight confirmed speakers for TCS Live 2023, taking place June 22-24 at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Click below for details!

TCS Live - Hockey's Premier Coaching Conference

In it, Naurato, who played four years in the pros making stops at Stockton (ECHL), Toledo (ECHL), Port Huron (IHL), Fort Wayne (CHL), and Dayton (CHL), introduces the decision zone, an offensive area of the ice to the left and right of the face-off circles.

“The biggest thing about why I believe the decision zone is important is because of the following plays: you’ve got options to the high ice, options to bumper support and rim release options low. That’s tough for a defence trying to keep you in a quadrant.”

Naurato’s 46-minute on-ice presentation begins and ends with numerous examples from NHL play, in-between he introduces a Problem-Solution-Action plan, discusses the three moments in a game (you have it, they have it, 50/50 race), pressure vs. containment, when to attack vs. possess, and why it’s important to stay out of the cemetery.

This is a highly anticipated presentation, so watch today and help your team improve!

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  • Great progression from skill to drill to SAG to game transfer. Trying a new SAG live also illustrates that learning isn’t always pretty for players or coaches but is highly effective.

Brandon Naurato

Brandon Naurato specializes in on-ice skill-based player development through the use of individual video, advanced statistics, and a continual study of modern technical and tactical adjustments, to personalize programs for every one of his NHL clients. NHL players he’s worked with include: Zach Werenski, Jeff Petry, Jack and Quinn Hughes, Dylan Larkin, Kyle Connor, Andrew Copp, and Josh Norris.
Brandon began creating this system through his work as a managing partner and director of player development at Total Package Hockey from 2012 to 2020. Along with his former TPH partner Nathan Bowen, they created the first online hockey academy in the US, producing over 75 NCAA commitments and 100 OHL, USHL, and NHL draft picks.
A University of Michigan Hockey graduate, Brandon has recently worked as a player development consultant over the past three years for the Detroit Red Wings.

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