Learn the “Roman Josi spin out," a quick move that uses a player’s momentum to take the puck from the boards into dangerous scoring areas.

A puck along the boards is not typically viewed as a threat to produce a goal. Sébastien Bordeleau, Skills Coach for the Nashville Predators, introduced a simple move at TCS Live 2023 to change that.

Bordeleau, who was drafted 73rd overall by the Montreal Canadiens in the 1993 NHL Draft, played pro for 17 years split between the Canadiens, Predators, Minnesota Wild and Phoenix Coyotes, before ending his career in the Swiss-A league.

Upon retirement, the 48-year-old shifted his focus to helping a new generation of hockey players achieve their dreams. His son, Thomas, was the first prospect he began coaching; he’s now been with the Predators since 2019.

Nashville defenceman and team captain Roman Josi is one of the players Bordeleau has the privilege of working with and during his 21-minute TCS Live presentation, Bordeleau demonstrated what he calls the “Roman Josi spin out.”

The move is quick and uses a player’s momentum to take the puck from the boards into dangerous scoring areas. Rim recoveries and puck protection are also discussed as Bordeleau demonstrates a few drills with different progressions.

Noteworthy timestamps:

  • 1:00 NHL players using the “Spin Out”
  • 2:30 Rim Recovery Momentum Spin Out Drill for defencemen (Progression 1)
  • 4:09 Being prepared to attack as a left hander
  • 5:00 Rim Recovery Momentum Spin Out Drill with Dzone coverage (Progression 2)
  • 6:30 Adding in a stick lift
  • 7:28 Rim Recovery Momentum Spin Out Drill with D to D pass (Progression 3)
  • 9:30 Tips to protect the puck on the wall
  • 12:50 Forehand Spin Puck Protection Drill
  • 14:15 Getting your stick in the right position for possession
  • 17:30 Initiating contact for momentum off the boards

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