It's an important coaching tool.
If you’re here then you’ve made the decision to develop your coaching career. You’re hungry for knowledge, tips, stories, and secrets that will help you improve as a coach. It’s the reason the coaches site was created, after all — the best tool we have in our toolbox is the connection we’ve made with our peers across the hockey universe. We’re not the only ones. Friend of The Coaches Site and the moderator of the 2019 TeamSnap Sports Tech panel Dave Mason built a platform called PowerPlayer, a tool that uses feedback as its fuel to invest in the most important parts in our game. The players. PowerPlayer is just one of a variety of tools coaches these days have to amplify their message. Former Montreal Canadiens defenceman turned coach Mike Weaver founded CoachThem, an online practice planning tool coaches can use to keep their drills organized.

From practice to evaluation and everything in between, never before have the leaders in our game had such power when it comes to teaching, guiding, and, of course, coaching.

But it’s still up to the coaches to use those tools effectively.

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