2019 TeamSnap Hockey Coaches Conference

That’s a Wrap on the 2019 Hockey Coaches Conference!

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On one hand it’s sad to see another conference come and go.

But on another, more sensible hand, it’s exciting to have the hard work behind us so we can look forward on the hard work to come. Pretty soon training camp will roll around and you’ll immediately be knee-deep in another season of hockey. Whether that’s at the pro level, university, junior hockey, or the most important level of all, the grassroots minor hockey level, we have no doubt that your dedication and passion for teaching the game will pay off.

We’re sure it already has.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re no stranger to professional development. Your ambition is what fuels The Coaches Site and keeps the Hockey Coaches Conference growing year after year. The conference is the springboard for a lot of careers behind the bench, but more importantly, a lot of careers on the ice. Savour your part in that journey. The players don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care.

The most common phrase in our universe is that hockey is a small world. No doubt that’s true. You probably ran into coaches at the conference you’ve battled in the past; headstrong women and men who are as determined to win as they are determined to put the best possible team on the ice. Maybe you saved a stern glare or a hateful comment for that confrontation, but hopefully you shared a laugh or two instead and saved the comment for the one element of the game we can all agree actually deserves it.

The refs.

Just kidding. Enjoy those relationships. Embrace the challenge. Turn into the challenge instead of turning away. It will be a bumpier ride, but you’ll come through dry on the other side, and it will be over quicker, too.

And then it’s on to something else entirely.

Thanks for reading everyone. Seeya at the rink.


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