"The number one rule is you have to backcheck through the middle..."

Dave Starman is back for episode 2 of The Breakdown, where he breaks down some of the smaller components of the game that can make a big difference for your team.

This week, Dave takes a look at an important topic to him personally: how to transition from offence to defence using effective backchecking strategies.

“Being a goalie, this is something that I really understood…the concept of defending, of transitioning back to playing defence, of backchecking, and I always felt it was defence first,” says Starman. “The number one rule is you have to backcheck through the middle because going through the middle means you can get to either side quickly and you’re not constantly crossing the ice.”

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1 comment

  • Dave did a great job on explaining backchecking. Many coaches don’t teach backing or even talk about it. Good job!


David Starman

Starman has spent 11 years as an NHL scout with Toronto, Montreal, Seattle.  He is a member of USA Hockey Player Development staff in New York State and has spent  25 years as an instructor with USA Hockey Coaching Education Program.
Starman tended goal for the University of Hartford before turning to the other side of the game, becoming the youngest head coach in Central Hockey League history in 2000 when, at age 31, he took over the Memphis River Kings. Starman later guided the New York Junior Bobcats of the Atlantic Junior Hockey League and was associate coach of the New York Apple Core of the Eastern Junior Hockey League. Starman is now one of the nation’s most respected college hockey TV analysts.

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