The NHL Intensity Formula: How to Up Your Game Like You Never Thought Possible

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Coaches often tell their players to ‘be more intense’ or ‘battle’ or ‘compete’. Experienced players likely have an idea what this means. But for younger players from junior to minor hockey these instructions are often not clear. So players will often hear these terms but never act on them because they simply aren’t sure what to do. At Train 2.0 our goal is to give players clear instructions that lead to in game results. In order to do this, we need to use the right words. The proper terminology. Accurate verbiage, to borrow a common (and slightly sarcastic) phrase.

This means selecting short and easy to understand visual terms linked to specific mechanics and actions. 

Intensity is a common word used in hockey. But it is not clearly linked to any specific mechanic or action. The goal of this video is to show players and coaches visually how to be more intense in hockey – the NHL intensity formula – so that players can be clear on what they need to do when someone tells them they need to be more intense. 

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Hi, I'm Jason Yee. I'm a professional hockey player, kinesiologist, and the founder of Train 2.0. My goal is to make instructions for hockey players simple, trustworthy, and measurable by leveraging science, technology, and psychology. My method is to research NHLers through video, instruct others and myself, then gather feedback to refine my knowledge. I love documenting the journey publicly and online. I'd love to hear from you and let me know what you think - Your feedback is my oxygen. Thanks for reading my article today. Hit me up on email: or follow my Instagram account: @train2point0


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