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The Regroup | Creating Offense & Eliminating Entitlement in Minor Hockey

In Leadership, The Regroup by Kelvin Cech

From Winnipeg Jets Assistant Coach Todd Woodcroft to the on-ice creativity created by Mississauga Steelheads Assistant Coach Brendan Taylor, we’ve covered the entire ice surface when it comes to increasing offense. Behind the net, off zone entries, and even through the hands of the league’s best defensemen (who also might be the league’s best forwards if given the opportunity).

But no matter who you’re coaching or how you deliver your message, scoring goals doesn’t happen to hockey players who don’t put in the work on and off the ice. These days the best hockey players in any league crave as much information as possible so they know why they should do something, not just how they should do something.

So the next time one of your players asks why they should drive the middle lane on a rush when all they want to do is hang up high for a pretty drop pass, show them clips of the Winnipeg Jets or watch Brendan Taylor’s presentation below. Tell them why. Then show them how.

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