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Todd Woodcroft: Who’s Ready for Faceoffs?

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How do you start the game? How do you start the shift? How do you start a powerplay or a penalty kill?

Faceoffs. It takes a lot of practice time to perfect faceoff plays, but it’s a crucial aspect of the game, especially if you are coaching at a level where there is parity.

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What do I mean by tight? Well, Junior, pro, and college hockey ranks all over North America are built through recruiting. While we’re recruiting, arguably the number one weapon we have in our arsenal is opportunity. We saw it this past spring at UBC after losing four players to pro hockey overseas – our three top goal-scorers and a goalie – so we had opportunity for incoming recruits that some other teams didn’t have.

What does that create? Parity. Players spread out because they’ll get a chance to play. This parity creates faster, more intense hockey that’s tight checking and hotly contested.

What does it all mean? It means that when you’re coaching in a league that’s tight and competitive, having a clear plan for won and lost draws can make all the difference.

We’ve seen Steve Spott and Bob Boughner team up to deliver specific faceoff strategies, today is Todd Woodcroft’s turn. For the Winnipeg Jets’ Assistant Coach, the key to winning faceoffs is simple: who can be the quickest to the puck? Who’s faster when the puck drops? Who has a more efficient process for winning and losing faceoffs?

It’s not just the centreman either, it’s a collective of the wingers and the defensemen as well. From the coach’s perspective, it’s as close to a controlled environment we get.

So we’d better have a plan.

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