Troy Ward’s Mailbag: How to choose a forechecking system

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Episode 8 of Troy Ward’s Mailbag is here!

This week, Troy breaks down forechecking strategies against multiple breakouts, and which system is best for being aggressive, the 2-1-2 or 1-2-2.

“When you look at your forecheck, it’s a defensive system number one,” says Troy. “Number two, if you’re going to use your speed and get in on the forecheck, you have to state your rules for F1.”

Hockey Coach Vision has once again provided us with a variety of drills that give a detailed look at both systems and how to properly apply them. Make sure to check out their site for more info on their innovative drill app.

Reminder to submit your questions for Troy to [email protected] and he may answer yours in a future episode.

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  1. I’ve been running a 1-2-2 at most youth ages up to ACHA hockey. It’s very simple to teach and can be very effective. You can also adjust going from 1-2-2 aggressive or 1-2-2 “soft” which for me is basically a trap.

    I feel too many coaches say they play a 2-1-2 but when they say that, they just mean they send 2 forwards in on the same puck and F3 stays high. Thus their team doesn’t have that structure built in to try and regain control and they’re just chasing to chase with no sort of area to try and trap the puck.

    Great video!

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