Troy Ward’s Mailbag: How to organize a minor hockey practice

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Welcome to episode 6 of Troy Ward’s Mailbag, where the longtime coach answers your questions on everything from the tactical side of the game, systems, communication, leadership, drills, and anything else coaching related.

This week, Troy discusses how to handle video sessions with your players, how to navigate through the grind of a full season, and how to effectively organize a minor hockey practice.

From Jason K – Junior Coach in United States

  • Could you talk about your thoughts on video with players 1 on 1.  Because of all the pauses in the season, we are getting through video, but it gets long at times… So how would you do the 1 on 1 video?

From Ryan – NAHL3 Coach in United States

  • Culture Based question – What is the best way to navigate through the “dog days” of winter, with regards to players going through their first full year of the junior hockey grind?

From John M in Michigan (Youth Coach)

  • We have 3 coaches on the ice all the time for practice and the Head Coach allows all of us to do drills.  How would you organize the drills and determine the order of the drills we do? 

Check out these ideas on how to organize a practice courtesy of Hockey Coach Vision.

Reminder to submit your questions for Troy to [email protected] and he may answer yours in a future episode.

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Troy Ward

Troy G. Ward is a respected leader in many hockey circles. A former NHL coach, his experience in coaching and managing pro and non-pro hockey encompasses all levels, from Youth up through High School, Junior A, Collegiate, Minor Pro, and Major Juniors. Hockey has been core to this Minnesota native’s life, and he’ll continue giving back to the game that has earned its place as one of America’s favorite participant and spectator sports.

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