Troy Ward’s Mailbag: When and how to start teaching faceoffs

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This week, Troy discusses the appropriate age to start teaching faceoffs, advice for assistant coaches who are assigned to work under less experienced head coaches, and how your defencemen can utilize the clock to manage the game better.

From Jayson Kennedy – Kamloops Minor Hockey 

    • At what age should players start working on face-offs and when they do, can you recommend some tactics or systems that are a good fit for the Pee Wee levels.  
    • Any recommendations on how to make teaching face offs a bit more dynamic?

Check out these great faceoff drills courtesy of Hockey Coach Vision.

From Evan – Coaches Tier 1 in the US. 

      • What advice would you give to an Assistant Coach who has more coaching experience then the Head Coach they are assigning me with.   
      • Both coaches are younger than 30.   
      • How do I assist without overstepping my boundaries and/or getting frustrated about how things are not as organized or handled in a professional manner?  

From Corey – Coaches in the NAHL – Junior Hockey in US. 

      • Can you go through how defencemen can use the clock as a player?  Game Management type knowledge.   
      • Personal experiences of D you coached that were good at it?   

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