Players have short attention spans, so you need to be efficient.
As Team Canada’s video coach at the past two World Juniors, it’s important for Tyler Dietrich to be efficient. Most hockey players don’t have the attention span to sit through hours of video presentations when all they’re thinking of is jumping on the ice and competing against the world’s best. So if you start with a fresh garden hungry for nutrients, how do you turn that into a bountiful harvest you can enjoy for years to come?

It’s not just your players, either. It’s your staff and everyone in your organization. For Dietrich, sharpening your tools and using your resources is an important key to start with when you’re preparing your players. Tyler has spent his post-playing career leading programs in Hungary in addition to his work on the international stage at the Spengler Cup, Karjala Cup, the World Juniors, and the World Championships.

How do you use your experience properly to relate to your players? How does it apply? How do you get your players to buy in? It’s important to ask these questions when you start the process, because those answers will dictate how you approach the season and prepare your players.

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Tyler Dietrich

Dietrich served as a Video Coach and Analytics Manager for Hockey Canada from 2016-20 and is now their Director of Hockey Operations. That includes work at the World Cup, World Junior Championships, World Championships and Spengler Cups. He began his coaching career with the Hungarian club Fehervar, where he spent five years coaching, working his way up to become head coach of their top team in the Austrian Elite League. Some of his accomplishments include helping Canada capture the 2016 World Cup, 2017 Spengler Cup, and Silver in the 2017 World Junior Championships and 2017 World Championships.

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