University of Michigan coach Brandon Naurato on teaching offensive hockey

His breakdown of how to create offence will have you hitting the rewind button.

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We welcome University of Michigan assistant coach Brandon Naurato for episode #162 of the Glass and Out Podcast.

As a former player development coach who worked primarily on-ice, Naurato is currently in his first season behind the bench. With a loaded line-up that features seven first round picks, plus getting a chance to work for his alma mater, there aren’t many better settings to coach in early in a career.

Prior to joining Michigan, Naurato established himself as one of the go-to player development coaches in the Detroit area, working with the likes of Zach Werenski and the Hughes brothers. That led to his role with the Detroit Red Wings as a player development consultant, where he worked for three seasons with the players on the big club, prospects in Grand Rapids, along with the team’s draft picks at development camp.

Naurato presented at last year’s Global Skills Showcase on connecting the missing links in a development plan, a must-watch for anyone looking to grow their player development knowledge. As you’ll hear in this week’s podcast, his knowledge and ability to break down skills and tactics to a basic level are something that every coach can learn from.

Find out his detailed thoughts on how to create and teach offensive hockey, what he’s learned from working with some of the top coaches in hockey, and how video can play a crucial role in player development.

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  • I just finished listening to the podcast on “Teaching Offensive Hockey” with Brandon Naurato. I found it to be very impressive. But, I did have a questions for Mr. Naurato (or the Coaches Site). Early in the podcast he spoke of “puck support” and “puck management” being key components of his practices. I would like to know what drills I can use to help develop those two traits in my pee wee team? And, my last questions has to do with “hockey terminology”. Whether it’s the word ‘delay’, ‘cut-off the hands’, ‘net drive’,etc.,. I think all coaches try to be consistent in the use them. Mostly to get our players more in tuned with the game. But, has anyone ever compiled a list of the most used hockey terms. That would be a fascinating list to review. -Coach E

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