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There are still surprises in this game. With the advent of modern technology to track player movements, the development of advanced analytics, and the focus on intricate skill development models, it’s nice to know there are coaches out there who still prioritize the health and wellness of the human being first, the hockey player second.

That’s Erie Otters Head Coach Chris Hartsburg’s approach to his team. Surprise might not be the right word, but Coach Hartsburg’s presentation at this year’s #2018HCC was certainly a breath of fresh air.

“We believe strong culture can overcome any obstacle.”

For Hartsburg and the Erie Otters, it’s crucial to make sure your room is right and your players are bought in. This is how you build a culture. This is the essence of teambuilding. Chris learned about managing personalities from the Otters’ previous Head Coach, Kris Knoblauch, and it’s a priority that he’s maintained. In his talk, he talks about his personal struggles with depression, and the conversation that’s required at all levels, including minor hockey, about mental health.

“Don’t ask a player to do something you wouldn’t ask your own son to do.”

We wanted to begin this year’s video releases with Chris Hartsburg to illustrate just how important it is to focus on the process.

And for Hartsburg and the Eerie Otters, that process starts with the well-being of the space behind the eyes. Check out his trailer below or watch the full premium video with a TCS membership.


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