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VIDEO | Edmonton Oilers Assistant Coach Glen Gulutzan on How to Develop Your Team

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“Let them be instinctual.”

All of a sudden Glen Gulutzan has some solid NHL experience under his belt. Gully, as he’s referred to by plenty of hockey people here in Vancouver, moved on from the Canucks to the Dallas Stars to the Calgary Flames and now to the Edmonton Oilers to be part of Head Coach Todd McLellan’s staff. So what’s his specialty? That’s the great thing about experience: you can pick and choose.

In 2014 as Assistant Coach of the Vancouver Canucks, Glen gave a helpful presentation on defending the neutral zone and the habits necessary. It was also the origin of one of our favourite coaching quotes of all time: “The best thing you can do is instruct, but let your players play with their instincts. Hockey sense overrides positioning.”

Last year Glen gave a amazing presentation on how to develop your team. Be it in the room, on the bus or at practice you can develop your team identity in all kinds of ways. For Glen its about setting up the right culture and identity.

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