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Walter Aguilar: Building Trust Between Hockey Players & Coaches

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“If you can get your players into that zone and executing your game-plan more often, then you’re going to find a greater level of success.”

Walter Aguilar spoke at our conference this past summer and his presentation instantly struck a chord with me – with most of the coaches in attendance too, I’m sure.

One of the main things Walter spoke about was trust between coaches and players. The proof is in the pudding – we all have players we put on the ice more than others for reasons that might seem peculiar to the casual observer.

Why? It’s all about trust.

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Who do you put on the ice in the last minute of a game to protect a lead? Who do you trust to keep the front of the net clear? Who do you trust to make the big play in the biggest moments?

For Walter Aguilar, it’s important for coaches to understand why they make certain choices. Most of the time we’re making personnel decisions based on the past – “this line is producing, and while they might not be the most skilled, they play the game the way I believe it should be played, therefore I trust them and I’m going to put them on the ice.”

Sound familiar? It’s also the reason why even as coaches we critique our brethren in the NHL for making choices we wouldn’t make.

For Aguilar, the past informs the future. As long as you’re paying attention.



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