Walter Aguilar

Walter Aguilar – is a Certified Professional Coach and COR.E Performance Dynamics Specialist. Using the mind/energy connection to performance, he teaches a unique approach to peak performance. He specializes in teaching mindfulness for hockey using the COR.E Performance Dynamics energy leadership system. This is based on the 7 levels of energy that thoughts create. These affect awareness, confidence, engagement, creativity and intuition. His equation of Performance = Potential – Interference, provides a framework for success in hockey and life.

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“If you can get your players into that zone and executing your game-plan more often, then you’re going to find a greater level of success.”

Walter Aguilar spoke at our conference this past summer and his presentation instantly struck a chord with me – with most of the coaches in attendance too, I’m sure.

One of the main things Walter spoke about was trust between coaches and players. The proof is in the pudding – we all have players we put on the ice more than others for reasons that might seem peculiar to the casual observer.

Why? It’s all about trust.

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