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4 ways to set up during a 6-on-4 power play (VIDEOS)

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You are down by a goal or two with less than two minutes in the game. The opponent just took a tripping penalty, what you are going to do?

Take a timeout, then what? Are you going to play 5v4, or do you pull your goalie and go all-in with a 6v4?

Let’s take a look at four ways to play a 6-on-4 situation, with examples from the NHL and NCAA from last season.

1. Five players low

How hard is it to defend a 6v4? Now think about having five players below the top of the circle.

Having five players low gives you many options, and likely results in always having the point man open. Puck movement is essential, as you must be patient and wait for a passing lane. Make sure you notice the forwards creating a fantastic net-front presence.


2. Change the point of attack

Having four or five players below the dots is already hard to defend. If you want to hit a home run every time, change the point of attack by using the back of the net. Most of the time, the four defensive players will be caught puck watching. That means more players will be open to receive a pass and generate offence from it.





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