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The Regroup | What Are Your Team’s Priorities During the Mid-Season Stretch?

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Here in the lower mainland these days there are plenty of excuses to be grumpy. It’s dark in the morning, it’s dark in the afternoon, it’s raining, it’s gloomy, the humid air sneaks into your bones and grans hold with an unbreakable iron grip – what are we talking about? It’s hard to focus.

Imagine what it’s like to be a young hockey player during the tough winter months. If it’s not raining where you are, chances are it’s snowing. The thrill of a new season has worn off and the holidays and playoffs are a distant bell. It’s about grinding it out right now.

Are your players getting better every day?

Are you trying new things and learning more about the game?

Are you having fun?

If you can answer these questions, then you’re on the right track. Our advice? Simplify. Find one element for your team to work on and focus on it. Might we suggest offence? That’s always fun.

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