Learn how to win the war for talent in an unequal playing field.

Scholarships. Facilities. Brand name school. Academic prestige. Success in the NCAA tournament. NHL Alumni.

The above is a list of things recruits look for when deciding which school to take their talents to.

Unfortunately for TJ Manastersky, who coached in NCAA Div III for 12 years, he didn’t always have the best acquisition capital to lure prized recruits.

“For more than a decade I was recruiting in an environment where I did not have access to the top talent because every time I went to the rink, I had the wrong logo on my jacket,” explains Manastersky in his 22-minute presentation from the College Hockey Inc. Virtual Coaching Clinic.

That didn’t stop Manastersky, who is coming off his first season as an assistant coach with the Union College men’s hockey team and was just hired as head coach of U Sports’ Brock Badgers men’s hockey team.

“If you find yourself in a position where you lack a lot of the acquisition capital relative to your competition, you can still win, you just have to make sure you’re a better evaluator and developer of talent than everybody else.”

In this video Manastersky offers framework for how you can go about evaluating and developing talent. This includes questioning what success really is, how on-ice identity and culture complete your definition of value, explaining evaluation systems, position specific systems, cultural fit, how to widen your view and how to attract luck.

This video is available exclusively to members of The Coaches Site.

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Timothy Manastersky

TJ Manastersky begins his first season as an assistant coach with the Union College men's hockey team in 2021-22, bringing over a decade of collegiate coaching experience to Schenectady. Manastersky comes to Union following nine years as the head men’s hockey coach at Division III Curry College; during that time he led the Colonels to a 113-82-19 record, berths in all four Commonwealth Coast Conference (CCC) Tournaments, and seven postseason appearances in eight seasons overall.

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