Keen Hockey – Offensive Overload

Hey coaches, Thank you for the great response from my previous set of games all designed around offensive principles. This week we are moving on to highlight the importance of creating offensive overload. This practice really focuses on getting players into gritty scoring areas and then in turn develop your players ability to put the […]

Hockey Drills Offensive Overload

Minor Hockey Talk: Punishment vs Consequences in Minor Hockey

Where is the line between Punishment and Discipline? Being a great coach means establishing discipline in your players. Even so called “Players’ Coaches” have to keep players in line. But where is the line where discipline crosses into punishment? And when it does, what is considered a reasonable level of punishment in minor hockey? Recently […]

Hockey Talk

Hockey Share Drill of the Week: Defensive Breakouts Drill Description: Coach starts the drill by putting the puck into the corner. D start the drill backwards and retrieves the puck from the corner. D moves the puck D to D then moves it up to the center. The puck is returned to the coach and the drill is repeated on the other […]

Hockey Drill

Chris DePiero – Talent Recruitment & Identification

You know what makes a real talented coach? A group of talented hockey players! In saying that, having the most talent doesn’t guarantee success either, as Mike Babcock pointed out prior to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. “The best team wins at the Olympic games, not the best talent” – Mike Babcock So what is […]


Game Day Nutrition Guidelines

Training away from the ice should be a priority in addition to training on the ice. It is important to follow a proper diet so that you can give 100 percent come game time. Getting the right food in your system throughout the day is a key to performing well once the puck drops. Pro […]


Elite Hockey Development Drills: D wheel to middle

Drill Description:  D Wheel to Middle Forwards start in neutral zone on opposite blue lines, Defenseman start on dots inside circle in the defensive zone. 1. On whistle both corners leave at the same time,  (one side shown) D1 starts on dot with a puck skating forward toward the top of the circle, upon reaching […]

Hockey Drill

Hockey Share Drill of the Week: Forward Breakouts Drill Description:  The Coach starts the Drill by rimming the puck. The 2 red forwards break the puck out by opening up on the wall and swinging through the middle. The green forward acts as a high forechecker to put pressure on the red forward on the boards. The red forward on the boards […]

Hockey Drill

Tips to Over-Come Sports Anxiety

We have started the new season and we have some great anticipation happening for a tremendous year a head stated the coach to his team. Then all of the sudden certain players start and feeling some anxiety happening to themselves as they start thinking of the season a head. Uncontrollable shaking, rapid heart rate, shortness […]


Video: Bill Peters – Journey to Gold Our Process

To the average hockey fan, a game last’s 60 minutes. Ask a coach and they’ll tell you the total sum of the work and preparation that goes into a single game is likely counted in hours, if not days. You can always be more prepared. The workload can be endless. The level you coach will […]