Elite Hockey Development Drills: 2-0 D Transition

Forwards line up on all four hash marks. Defensemen are located outside blue lines. 1. On whistle, both corners leave at the same time, O1 and O3 (one side shown). O1 starts with a puck, moving toward O2. O2 at the same time has left up ice, heading into neutral zone. 2. O1 moves the […]

2-0 D Transition

Hockey Share Drill of the Week: Continuous 2 on 1 Backcheck

http://hockeyshare-animation.s3.amazonaws.com/video-10383-1468185582.mp4   Description:  X1 and X2 head down ice 2 on 1 vs. D1 X3 backchecks the play Once the rush is complete, X3 swings to either side – whichever side X3 swings is on offense for a rush back the other way. The other side backchecks. (in this diagram, X4 is on offense and […]

Hockey Share - Continuous 2 on 1 Backcheck

Hockey Share Drill of the Week: 2 on 1 Down Low

http://hockeyshare-animation.s3.amazonaws.com/video-10382-1468184853.mp4   Description: To start this drill, the defensive player starts on their knees with their back to the forwards. On the whistle, the coach passes the puck to either forward and they then take on the defense 2 on 1. Notes: Defensive player starts on knees with back to the forwards.   For more […]

Hockey Share - 2 on 1 Down Low

Hockey Development Isn’t Immune to Adversity

I ran into a parent I hadn’t seen since the season ended the other day. He’s one of the good ones, there’s no question. His son received a junior A commitment last November and is a strong NCAA scholarship candidate. And his kid nearly quit hockey three years ago. Awhile back I was researching video […]

Cech Development vs. Reality

Highlights From the 2016 TeamSnap Hockey Coaches Conference in Toronto

Wow! What an amazing weekend we just had hosting our inaugural TeamSnap Hockey Coaches Conference in Toronto. The venue, Mattamy Athletic Centre (formally Maple Leaf Gardens) was such a cool setting for the event. They’ve done an unbelievable job of retaining the history of the original Gardens and you could feel the ghosts of hockey’s […]

Uppwer crowd shot Toronto 2016 - Blog Post

Dallas Eakins interview on NHL Network Radio

San Diego Gulls Head Coach Dallas Eakins was on NHL network radio with Steve Kouleas to talk Anaheim Ducks development and the 2016 Hockey Coaches Conference.     Coach Eakins and our great lineup of speakers will be at the 2016 TeamSnap Hockey Coaches Conference July 22-23 at Fortius Sport and Health.  

Dallas Eakins Interview

Hockey Share Drill of the Week: 2 Pass 2 Shot

http://hockeyshare-animation.s3.amazonaws.com/video-10380-1468183142.mp4   Description: F passes to D D steps around cone while F swings to boards D passes to F and drives wide and shoots D skates to blue line, picks up puck, walks blue line and shoots while F screens For more Drills visit Hockey Share at HockeyShare.com

Hockey Share - 2 Pass 2 Shot