Ice Hockey Coaching Tips & Drills

Video | Mike Weaver & the Art of the 1on1 for Defensemen

Friend of the website Mike Weaver hopped on the ice at our 2018 Hockey Coaches Conference in Toronto this past summer, and it was a valuable session for the packed house in attendance. We have to concentrate on a forward’s speed when he’s coming out of the zone.  Focused on the art of the 1on1, […]

How Your Personal Beliefs & Values Affect Your Team: Part 2

I share with you in this article the values and beliefs of Jack Clark, Rugby Coach at the University of California, Berkeley. I watched coach Clark’s speech years ago on the subject of coaching high performing teams and wanted to share his 5 values and beliefs. I have added “character” as a 6th core value […]

PODCAST | Arizona Coyotes Skills Coordinator Jeff Ulmer: Analytics & Modern Coaching

The Arizona Coyotes have been front and centre in hockey’s great analytics debate. However, according to Jeff Ulmer (and most coaches whose paycheque depends on wins and losses, at least to a degree), there’s no debate: analytics are a tool for improvement. Coaches use the knowledge to varying degrees, and everyone has their preference, but […]

Drill of the Week: 2vs1 Backchecker

Drill Description: F1 and F2 leave at the same time. Coach passes puck from the corner to any forward Both forwards go down the ice 2 vs 1 on the D1 that stepped out. After 2 vs 1 is done, coach passes a puck to a new D2 at the blue line for a point […]

What it Takes to Succeed & How to Learn From Your Losses

Here we are back in full swing of another exciting hockey season. With much anticipation for victories, players will no doubt face adversities. I believe there’s always many lessons to be learned along the way. That’s what I love about sports, they teach kids things they’ll never learn in school. Sports are an incredible means […]

Mike Pickles Road to Success Minor Hockey

PODCAST | Learning How to Be Coached by Former BC Lion Angus Reid

Angus Reid was a feared offensive lineman with the CFL’s BC Lions for eleven years. 11! He had the same offensive coordinator for all eleven seasons, Dan Dorazio. Can you imagine working with the same players on the same techniques and routines for eleven seasons? Well, Dorazio did such a good job with Reid that […]