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From Behind the Bench: Developing the Next Generation by Paul Carson

Paul Carson’s roles, duties and accomplishments are many. Published children’s book author, educator, coach, hockey dad, Hockey Canada executive, board member of the Coaching Association of Canada are just a few. He understands hockey from pee wee to pro, and as Vice President of Development at Hockey Canada, he understands the need to be progressive […]

Video | Brendan Taylor: Creating Offence Behind the Net

Ask a hockey coach if he or she would like to add more offence to their game strategy and you’re probably receive a peculiar look. More offence? Yes, of course. How? Every coach is looking for more offence, but these days it’s an incredibly broad term. “There are so many variables when you’re attacking in-zone. […]

How to Build an Obstacle-Leaping, Adversity-Defeating, High Performance Hockey Team

Every Head Coach should take advantage of the opportunity to create a Culture Statement that outlines the specific values and beliefs that will be used as a filter to make his/her decisions. These values and beliefs are to be used by every team member to guide their decisions, actions and behaviours. The values and beliefs […]

PODCAST | Portland Winterhawks Head Coach Mike Johnston: Defeating a Losing Streak

Any time a young athlete moves, adversity tags along. Moving away from home? Check. Moving onto a new league? Yep, adversity. Moving up from junior to professional hockey? Absolutely. “Make sure everything you do today sets the table for the future.” Mike Johnston, Head Coach and General Manager of the Portland Winterhawks, has created a […]

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Drill of the Week: Dynamic Passing Warmup

Drill Description: Players line up on blue line on both sides of the ice X1 skates backwards and one touch passes with X2 At bottom of circle, X1 stops and skates forward, still one touch passing X1 then swings into the neutral zone, and X2 passes cross ice to far blue line, X1 then skates into […]

The 7 Deadly Sins of DZone Exits & NZ Entries

Top teams are able to exit their defensive zone and enter/exit the neutral zone with speed and puck control. There are good reasons for their consistent and effective execution in these two zones. If you’re interested in improving your own play in these two zones there are some pitfalls you need to avoid. It is […]

VIDEO | Clips of Winnipeg Jets AC Todd Woodcroft’s Offensive Zone Entries

Something interesting happens about halfway through Todd Woodcroft’s presentation on the habits and tactics the Winnipeg Jets use to generate offense from zone entires. Andrew Copp, a speedy, average-sized left handed forward kicks a puck out right to a teammate in the wide right-wing lane after skating it over the blue line against the Nashville […]

Could Hockey’s Best Defensemen be Hockey’s Best Forwards?

Today’s article is a special contribution from Gus Katsaros. Young skilled defensemen are stepping into the NHL earlier and more developed than ever. Capable of a rover style, they’re integrating into more offensive chances and making impacts at a younger age with more offensive skillsets. Developing better rover defensemen should also require teaching forwards more […]