Willie Desjardins – Building the Foundation for a Winning Team Culture

“Champions are made in empty gyms” – Muhammad Ali  Vancouver Canucks Head Coach Willie Desjardins opens his presentation with this quote from Muhammad Ali to emphasize that championship teams are created in practice and that, as a coach, what happens in practice is on your watch. Meaning you’re responsible for the actions, attitude and work […]

Roy Sommer – 20 Years a Shark: Lessons Learned

1996. That was the year Roy Sommers was hired by the San Jose Sharks as an assistant coach. It was also the year his daughter was born. Today he’s still employed by the same organization and his daughter is a junior in University. As Roy points out early in his presentation; time sure flies! After […]

Dave Smith – Linking Your Systems

WARNING! This presentation made us reconsider how we teach systems to our players. Generally, we break systems down into parts. Breakouts, fore-check, neutral zone regroups …etc. That’s not wrong per say, but by teaching each system individually; perhaps we’ve been skipping one of the key teaching points? The challenge is how players transition from one […]

Hockey Share Drill of the Week – Breakout 2 on 1 Timing

    Drill Description:  D1 starts behind the net and passes to F1. F1 cuts down to the hash marks – always facing D to receive the breakout pass. F2 cuts into the zone and across the ice, timing the play to receive the pass in the middle of the ice. F1 passes to F2. […]

FROM BEHIND THE BENCH: Into the Wild by Bliss Littler

Bliss Littler had 12 years’ experience in the United States Hockey League (with the Omaha Lancers, Tri-City Storm and Topeka Scarecrows) and held USA Hockey’s all-time junior hockey record for career wins before he joined the Wenatchee Wild. After leaving Omaha, it was a non-compete clause in the USHL that limited his options and nudged […]

Barry Jansen – Assessing Your Leadership Style

How would you define your leadership style? If you’re struggling with this question perhaps you’ve never considered how effectively you lead and communicate with your players and staff. So much of the focus with coaches is on acquiring new drills, or learning about new tactics and systems, that it’s easy to overlook that there is […]


  Advanced tracking and net space coverage allows today’s NHL goaltender’s to maximize their game. The true understanding of advanced tracking enables goaltender’s to maximize visual connection to the puck and use of visual lead as it relates to the save cycle. Box control enables goaltender’s to simplify their game by maximizing net-space coverage while […]

Goaltender Elite Goalies Pasco Valana Goaltending Tracking

Hockey Share Drill of the Week – 3 on 3 with Neutral QB

    Drill Description:  1) Players compete 3 on 3 2) When a change of posession occurs, players must pass out to coaches before they can attack the net Notes: Coaches can be substitued with extra D to keep more skaters involved. To keep the drill competitive, you can have the group that scores stay […]

Hockey Share Drill of the Week – 3 on 3 Time Bomb

    Drill Description:  Teams play 3 on 3 in the neutral zone. If the puck goes past the blue line, the attacking team has 3 seconds to regain control of the puck. The defensive team is not allowed to cross the blue line. If the offensive team fails to retreive the puck in 3 […]