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5 Steps To Overcoming a Scoring Slump in Hockey!

It happens to all goal scorers at some point during the season or their career; the prolonged scoring slump. The goals that came so effortlessly at one point now feel like a lifetime away. Five games turn to ten, then fifteen and before they know it they are questioning their abilities, wondering what happened. Recently, […]

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Threatening the Net & Shot Volume on the Powerplay

One element of coaching that’s often lost in translation with our players is how badly we want more shots on net. It’s part of the reason the cross stat (shot attempts for vs shot attempts against when any given player is on the ice) has evolved into Fenwick (same stat, just unblocked shot attempts). As […]

CoachThem Drill of the Week – Team Canada Warm Up

Drill Description: X1 starts with the puck both ways. X1 shoots, then picks up puck from corner. X2 swings to middle and receives pass from X1. X3 swings low up the wall and receives pass from X2. X3 skates with speed and shoots. After shot X3 becomes D1 to continue the Flow Drill. Key Points: Keys are timing […]

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TRANSITION! The game of hockey like all other sports has a language that catches on and is used over and over. You often hear coaches demand of their players that, “we want to play fast in transition.” As coaches, we create all kinds of drills to work on the offensive component of transition. Meaning, once […]

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CoachThem Drill of the Week – Cross Ice Angling

Drill Description: On the whistle, a puck carrier and a defensive player leave at the same time. The puck carrier skates around the pylons nearest him/her and turns up ice. The defensive player must skate the width of the ice and angle the puck carrier to the wall. Version B: When they master the art […]

CoachThem Dill of the Week Ice Hockey Coach Tips and Drills Angling

3 Tips for Playoff-Altering Last Minute Plays

There’s 1 minute and change left in the third period. You’re down a goal. It’s the deciding game of the conference finals, and your rivals from across town are already beginning to celebrate. Big mistake. You call a timeout and pull out the big guns – a clever yet effective offensive zone 6 on 5 […]

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3 Playoff Tips to Get Your Team Peaking at the Right Time

Image courtesy of We all want our players firing on all cylinders when the playoffs roll around. So how do we get there? If there was a magic formula that guaranteed peak performance someone would haver found it by now and probably wouldn’t be coaching hockey. They’d be the CEO of a gigantic tech […]

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