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An Easy-To-Use, Easy to Track, Performance-Magnifying Stat for Minor Hockey Coaches

Image courtesy of Maple Leafs Hot Stove We’re coaching an age of statistics. Never before have minor hockey players been so obsessed with goals and assists – or, perhaps they always were, but these days they see enough importance in individual stats that they’re willing to ask their coaches to add missed assists to the […]

Podcast | Catherine Silverman: Demystifying the World’s Best Goalies

Catherine Silverman is a writer for The Athletic, InGoal Magazine, and she’s currently plying her trade covering the Arizona Coyotes in the middle of hockey’s heartland: the desert. Now, we’ve all heard coaches refer to goalies as voodoo. For Catherine, despite fighting the moniker for much of her life, she’s bought into a little bit […]

Drill of the Week: Shot Scotty 3on0 Warmup

Drill Description: F’s belly out and receive a pass from the next player in line F1 shoots from blue line F2 shoots from top of circle F3 shoots from face-off dot to create rebound Key Points: Both ends at same time F1 and F2 stop in front of net after they shoot   For more […]

Greg Cronin: The PK Pushdown, Penalty Routes, & When to Pressure

Colorado Eagles head coach Greg Cronin takes immense pride in his responsibilities, primary among which was his dedication to the penalty kill in his four years as an assistant coach with the New York Islanders before moving to Colorado. As a specific special teams’ coach, there aren’t many better feelings than a successful PK or […]

The Regroup | Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

The beginning of December marks an important milestone on the hockey calendar: it’s the officially unofficial halfway point of the hockey season. Depending on where you coach, you might be shocked to hear that your work is half-done, but it’s the truth. Why? Because once the holidays have come and gone it’s going to be […]

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It’s Time to Talk to Your Players: 3 December Goals for Hockey Coaches

Featured image from Vancouver Hockey School ‘Tis the season to reflect on the unofficial first half of your season. What’s working, what’s not working, and how can you capitalize upon both sides of the coin moving forward into the new year? A lot of coaches at this point in are prone to griping about underwhelming […]

Drill of the Week: Charlie Huddy 2on2

Drill Description: F1 & F2 pass puck to D1 from red line who passes D to D F1 & F2 swing through, D2 passes to F2 who quick touches to F1 F1 & F2 regroup with D3 & D4 and then play 2on2 with D1 & D2 D3 and D4 then take two new forwards […]

The Coaching Carousel in Professional Hockey: 3 Benefits of Fresh Perspective

The National Hockey League has seen four head coaches dismissed this season. This after not one NHL bench boss lost his job last year. As an unapologetic coach’s apologist, it’s difficult to watch people like Todd McLellan and Joel Quenneville lose their jobs, even though for all I know they completely deserved it. I don’t […]

Video | Paul Boutilier: How to Evaluate & Guide Hockey Players to Think & Play Fast

Belleville Senators of the American Hockey League, the farm team of the Ottawa Senators, is a hotspot for teaching young hockey players about the importance of playing fast. It sounds easy enough, but for Assistant Coach Paul Boutilier, playing fast on the ice all comes back to the amount of information retained off the ice. […]