After I graduated college I started working with Varsity athletes right away, but I had no experience. I simply relied on my education that gave me the working knowledge of exercise science to design proper programs. With my background in bodybuilding I knew how to build strength and I knew how strength enhanced […]

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Join Steve Spott & the Coaches’ Site at the OMHA AGM

There’s nothing we enjoy more than hitting the road and speaking with the men and women on the front lines of grassroots hockey. On June 9th and 10th, we are excited to have the opportunity to do just that at the Ontario Minor Hockey Association’s Annual General Meeting. And we’re not coming alone. As part […]

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Hockey Share Drill of the Week: Sprint Regap 2v1   Drill Description: D1 & D2 start by sprinting up to the red line and pivoting back. F1 chips a puck behind D1. D1 pivots and recovers the puck. F1 swings through middle. F2 loops to the strongside wall. D3 sprints to the red line to set a gap. D1 passes to D2 who […]

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Tampa Bay Lightning’s Frantz Jean on Scouting Goalies

Frantz Jean on Scouting Goalies Goaltenders have some of the most interesting stories of all. And yeah, it might be because they’re a little off. But more likely it’s because they see the game from a perspective that’s just not normal for regular coaches. In fact, they see so much more of the game because […]

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Elite Hockey Development Drills – Double Quick-up

Drill Description: Forwards line up on all four blue lines. Defensemen start on red line. Extra defensemen are inside the center circle. On whistle, both sides leave at the same time, O1 and O3 (one side shown). O1 makes a quick pass to D1. D1 skates backward with the puck deep into the neutral zone; […]

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Words Are Energy and Affect Performance in Ice Hockey

Words are energy. In many of our locker rooms and video rooms across the hockey world, words are often used to inspire, motivate, instill buy-in and correct hockey players. However, often coaches are not fully aware of the energetic consequences that come from using certain words. In their quest for honesty and accountability, they may […]

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Hockey Share Drill of the Week: Quick Touch NZ Goalie Warmup   Drill Description:  First player in line passes to the line directly across from them and get a quick one-touch pass back. Player then passes to the opposite line, receives a quick one-touch pass back, then goes in for a quick shot. Notes: Opposite lines go at the same time.   For more Drills […]

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3 Things to Say When Your Spring Hockey Team is Getting Obliterated

Some of the articles I’ve been writing lately for The Coaches’ Site are based on the expertise of other coaches. Geno Auriemma and body language, the search for character before stats from Dallas Eakins, the proper way to practice from Pete Carroll, and the inspiring journey of South Carolina Basketball Coach Frank Martin. I’ve learned […]

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Pasco Valana from Elite Goalies Canada talks about the execution of the RVH for Ice Hockey Goaltenders. In this video Pasco breaks down NHLer Eric Comrie of the Winnepeg Jets and and how he is able to be effective with his RVH patterns.     For more from Pasco and Elite Goalies checkout

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