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PODCAST | Paul Boutilier on Creating the Hockey Culture We Need

The Belleville Senators of the American Hockey League are incredibly fortunate to have one of the game’s brightest teachers, educators, and listeners on their staff in Paul Boutilier. Paul’s been around the block, both as a player in the NHL and worlds beyond, and also as a coach, spending over 20 years at the Canadian […]

CoachThem Drill of the Week: Two Goalie Low Post Read & React

Today’s drill of the week combines some healthy competition with decision making and puck skills. Oh, it’s tough for the goalie, too. Drill Description: F1 walks puck off half-wall and shoots on G1 using G2 as a screen F1 then grabs a second puck below goal line and has three options: Option 1 – walk out tight […]

Two Goalie Low Post Ice Hockey Drill

Offense Via Puck Possession: Zone Entry Delays

Coaches want to play a possession game. We hear that in just about every coach’s pre-game presser. Here is the simplicity of attack hockey: take what’s given. Meaning, if opposition gives you entry to the offensive zone without having to beat anyone 1×1, then we want you to skate it in and keep possession. If […]

John Becanic Ice Hockey Video Escapes Puck Possession

The Regroup: March 19th Edition

Welcome to the TCS Regroup. This is a brand new space to catch you up on all the content on The Coaches’ Site from the previous week, plus special announcements and other favourite stuff from all around the coaching world. First up? A special sit-down with CEO Aaron Wilbur. The Coaches Conference is coming back […]

The Coaches Site Regroup Kelvin Cech Ice Hockey Coach Tips and Drills

The Power of Now in Hockey

Photo courtesy of Chris Mast/Everett Silvertips “Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. Make the Now the primary focus of your life” Eckart Tolle – Author: Power of Now Hockey is played in the now. Once the game is over, it becomes part of the past. If it was filmed, it […]

Walter Aguilar Focus Everett Silvertips

Small Area Game: New York Ranger Powerplay

Want to see sparks fly at the end of your next practice? The New York Ranger Powerplay Game was a key for us during our run leading up to the playoffs. It was the last thing we’d do in the last practice before playing a game for the entire second half of our season. Sticks […]

New York Rangers Powerplay Ice Hockey Coach Tips and Drills Mike Weaver CoachThem