How To End Sulking Players

Today, I make the bold claim that we can end sulking players. Forever! Wouldn’t that be nice? We all know the “Sulking Player”. They’re upset. They drain your energy. They drain the team’s energy. They don’t communicate. When they DO play, they suck. AND the parents are probably sulking TOO! It’s just a lose-lose situation. […]

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Video: Dallas Eakins – My Coaching Journey

The path to employment in most professions is usually fairly straightforward. You go to University, College or a trade school, complete the course to a certain standard, and then seek employment. That’s generalizing a bit but the point is that if your child wanted to become a lawyer you could paint a fairly accurate path […]

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Creative Approach to Teaching Hockey Skating

Skating drills are boring! Skating drills aren’t fun! As a player and as a coach, these statements could not be further from the truth. It’s all in the approach as to how we teach hockey skating in practices. Involving chasers, pucks, and a compete component will help keep your players interested and focused while improving […]

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Confidence – The Collateral Benefit of Being Present In the Moment!

“Confidence is contagious, so is lack of confidence.” –Vince Lombardi The Merriam-Webster dictionary uses the following definitions (among others) to define confidence as: a feeling that you can do something well or succeed at something a feeling or belief that someone or something is good or has the ability to succeed at something a feeling […]

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Mastering Balance

  Pasco Valana of Elite Goalies talks about balance on your skates as a goaltender. Coach Valana does a great job breaking down where you want to have your weight on your skates for optimal balance.     For more from Pasco and Elite Goalies checkout

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Top 5 Things Every Defenseman Needs to Anticipate

In order to be Effective in the Defensive Zone

  1. Soft support when puck moves up the half wall   One of the biggest defensive zone breakdowns happens when the opposing team moves the puck from the corner, up the boards to the half wall. Chances are that the strong side defenseman was pressuring hard when the puck was in the corner and […]


Hockey Share Drill of the Week – Culver Counter 2v1

    Drill Description:  F1 carries puck across blue line and passes to D1 D1 jumps up ice, then pivots backwards F1 continues to loop wide and gets a return pass from D1 F1 passes to F2 and cuts back up ice D1 re-gaps F2 jumps creating a 2v1 w/ F1 vs D1   For […]

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