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CoachThem Drill of the Week: 1on1 D-Man Fold to the Middle

A simple twist to traditional 1on1’s. Drill Description: F lineup on hash marks… NO Cheating D lineup with stick touching boards On whistle F takes off with the puck on a 1 vs 1 with D D can’t turn forwards until the Red Line ADVANCED: D lies flat on the ice with stick touching boards. Key Points: D on start stay low, must […]

Pickles: 5 Tips to Maximize On Ice Performance

Featured Image credit: Bob Frid, UBC Men’s Hockey Every hockey parent wants their son or daughter to be successful on the ice and there are so many factors involved that will determine how their future will play out. I know there’s so much information out there now that it can quite overwhelming, which can leave […]

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Defense Away From the Puck: Angle Gapping

The best way to describe today’s game is FAST, FAST, FAST. Combine the individual speed of the player and the overall speed of the game and you have a very fast sport. This abundance of speed is now making it increasingly difficult to defend in the old traditional standard. No longer can teams just retreat […]

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Washington Capitals Head Coach Barry Trotz: Managing a Stanley Cup Champion Bench

Managing a bench in the National Hockey League is the most important responsibility of Washington Capitals Head Coach Barry Trotz. But for Trotz, that bench management begins long before the game starts. It begins before the season starts as well. The Capitals’ bench management is the product of improving, tweaking, and moulding team culture – […]