Hockey Share Drill of the Week: One Touch Warmup   Drill Description: The first player in each line performs two quick touch passes with the player on the dot. The player on the dot returns the puck to the next player in line. One side gets the return pass in the slot and takes a shot – the other side continues around the […]

Hockey Coach Hockey Drill

Hockey Share Drill of the Week – Breakout 2 on 1 Timing

    Drill Description:  D1 starts behind the net and passes to F1. F1 cuts down to the hash marks – always facing D to receive the breakout pass. F2 cuts into the zone and across the ice, timing the play to receive the pass in the middle of the ice. F1 passes to F2. […]

Hockey Share Drill of the Week – 3 on 3 with Neutral QB

    Drill Description:  1) Players compete 3 on 3 2) When a change of posession occurs, players must pass out to coaches before they can attack the net Notes: Coaches can be substitued with extra D to keep more skaters involved. To keep the drill competitive, you can have the group that scores stay […]

Hockey Share Drill of the Week – 3 on 3 Time Bomb

    Drill Description:  Teams play 3 on 3 in the neutral zone. If the puck goes past the blue line, the attacking team has 3 seconds to regain control of the puck. The defensive team is not allowed to cross the blue line. If the offensive team fails to retreive the puck in 3 […]

Hockey Share Drill of the Week – 4 Corner Criss Cross Passing

    Drill Description:  X1 passes to X2 and begins looping around the far NZ faceoff dot. X2 passes across the ice to X3 and gets an immediate return pass. X2 passes across ice to X1 who is looping around the far dot line (staying out of the center circle). Opposite lines go simultaneously. Notes: […]

Hockey Coach HockeyShare Passing Criss Cross 4 Corner Hockey Drill Drills

Hockey Share Drill of the Week – Redwing Warmup

    Drill Description:  F1 and D1 pass back and forth going down ice (D1 backwards, F1 forwards) Once F1 gets to the blue line, F1 cuts to the middle and passes to F2 for a give & go D1 times the play and gets a second puck while following F1 up ice F1 drives […]

Redwing Warmup

Hockey Share Drill of the Week – Culver Counter 2v1

    Drill Description:  F1 carries puck across blue line and passes to D1 D1 jumps up ice, then pivots backwards F1 continues to loop wide and gets a return pass from D1 F1 passes to F2 and cuts back up ice D1 re-gaps F2 jumps creating a 2v1 w/ F1 vs D1   For […]

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