Simplify the elements of the skill and build layers of progression.

Is scoring goals all about getting your shot off as quickly as possible?

Pete Kamman, founder and director with Elevated Hockey, believes it is and he was kind enough to join us recently during our Global Skills Showcase to explain what goes into the technique of catch and release shooting. If you want to score more goals, or want your players to start making that red light shine, this presentation is a must watch.

Not only does Kamman further explain how to prepare for catch and release shooting in game situations, he also goes into the constraint led approach method of teaching. What’s that all about? Good question.

“The CLA, Constraints Led Approach, is a framework of teaching where the environment is designed specifically to direct the learning through manipulating constraints,” explains Kamman. “It’s essentially the athletes learning by doing, and I try to incorporate this into a lot of my training so they make mistakes and explore how to do things.”

Kamman, who also works as the Coach-In-Chief with USA Hockey for the state of Montana and associate head coach at Montana State University, discusses the three types of constraints, progressions and gamification, before starting on catch and release shot execution. During his 37-minute presentation, Kamman introduces catch and release mechanics and various situations that arise in games, and how to prepare for them in practice.

This video is available exclusively to members of The Coaches Site.

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Pete Kamman

Pete Kamman is currently the USA Hockey Coach-in-Chief for the state of Montana and the Associate Head Coach of the Montana State University Bobcats hockey team. He is also involved as staff/evaluator at multiple annual USA Hockey Player Development camps at the state, district, and regional levels.

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