CoachThem Drill of the Week: 1on1 Offensive Zone Sneak

Get your players thinking in a game-like situation. Drill Description: F1 starts at the blueline.  D1 starts in front of net (facing up ice). F1 skates 3/4 speed, behind goal line, around the net (staying against boards). Coach passes to F1 at any point. D1 remains stationary until pass is made. D1 reacts and angles F1 towards the […]

1vs1 From Anywhere offensive zone Coachthem Mike Weaver Ice Hockey

CoachThem Drill of the Week: 1on1 Progression

Want to get your players fired up at the end of practice? Drill Description: On whistle O1 plays X1 1 vs 1 2nd whistle they leave their puck and join O2 and X2 which turns into a 2 vs 2.​​​​​​ Optional: No Whistle. Coach sends in two more players which turns it into 3 vs 3 Key Points: […]

1on1 Progression Drill of the Week Coachthem Ice Hockey Mike Weaver

CoachThem Drill of the Week: 3 Shot 2 vs 1

Warm up your goalies and your shooters with today’s drill of the week. Drill Description: F1 rolls out of the corner and takes a shot on goal, stopping in front F2 (waits allows time for goalie to recover) attack straight at the net, quick shot on goal F3 Passes puck up to D D walks to […]

CoachThem Mike Weaver NHL Ice Hockey Drill 3 shot coach

CoachThem Drill of the Week: Boston Net Drive 2on0

Get your practice off on the right skate by moving the puck and driving the net. Drill Description: Part 1 – F1 Passes to far D1, who passes to D2 – D2 then passes to F1 or F2 skating down the wide lanes – Shoot to create a rebound with net drive Part 2 – The forward who received […]

CoachThem Drill of the Week: Circle Passing

Today’s drill of the week is a vital warmup if you want the rest of your practice to run smoothly: Circle Passing. Drill Description: Random, quick passes between 5 players. Progression – Backhand – Player follow pass Key Points:  Maintain body position in front of the opposition player. For more drills visit ————> CoachThem More drills: […]

Circle Passing Hockey CoachThem Ice Hockey Coach Tips

CoachThem Drill of the Week: 1 vs Many in Circle

Want to start your practice with some energy? Today’s drill of the week is a great little warm-up exercise to get you and your players engaged right away! Drill Description: Working two pucks around the outside, keeping your eyes up and finding the open guy. In the middle a 1 on 1 trying to get in […]

Ice Hockey Drill of the week 1on1 circle battle Hockey Coach Tips

VIDEO | The Art of Puck Placement

A growing trend in the national hockey league and beyond is the art of puck placement. As players get bigger and faster, it stands to reason that there’s going to be less space in which the skilled players in the game can operate. Placing the puck with self chips off the boards buys time and […]

Coach Leland Mack Puck Placement BWC Ice Hockey Coach Tips and Drills

CoachThem Drill of the Week: Two Goalie Low Post Read & React

Today’s drill of the week combines some healthy competition with decision making and puck skills. Oh, it’s tough for the goalie, too. Drill Description: F1 walks puck off half-wall and shoots on G1 using G2 as a screen F1 then grabs a second puck below goal line and has three options: Option 1 – walk out tight […]

Two Goalie Low Post Ice Hockey Drill

Small Area Game: New York Ranger Powerplay

Want to see sparks fly at the end of your next practice? The New York Ranger Powerplay Game was a key for us during our run leading up to the playoffs. It was the last thing we’d do in the last practice before playing a game for the entire second half of our season. Sticks […]

New York Rangers Powerplay Ice Hockey Coach Tips and Drills Mike Weaver CoachThem