CoachThem Drill of the Week: Two Goalie Low Post Read & React

Today’s drill of the week combines some healthy competition with decision making and puck skills. Oh, it’s tough for the goalie, too. Drill Description: F1 walks puck off half-wall and shoots on G1 using G2 as a screen F1 then grabs a second puck below goal line and has three options: Option 1 – walk out tight […]

Two Goalie Low Post Ice Hockey Drill

Small Area Game: New York Ranger Powerplay

Want to see sparks fly at the end of your next practice? The New York Ranger Powerplay Game was a key for us during our run leading up to the playoffs. It was the last thing we’d do in the last practice before playing a game for the entire second half of our season. Sticks […]

New York Rangers Powerplay Ice Hockey Coach Tips and Drills Mike Weaver CoachThem

CoachThem Drill of the Week – Team Canada Warm Up

Drill Description: X1 starts with the puck both ways. X1 shoots, then picks up puck from corner. X2 swings to middle and receives pass from X1. X3 swings low up the wall and receives pass from X2. X3 skates with speed and shoots. After shot X3 becomes D1 to continue the Flow Drill. Key Points: Keys are timing […]

CoachThem Ice Hockey Drill of the Week Team Canada Warm Up Flow Mike Weaver Hockey Coach Tips and Drills

CoachThem Drill of the Week – Cross Ice Angling

Drill Description: On the whistle, a puck carrier and a defensive player leave at the same time. The puck carrier skates around the pylons nearest him/her and turns up ice. The defensive player must skate the width of the ice and angle the puck carrier to the wall. Version B: When they master the art […]

CoachThem Dill of the Week Ice Hockey Coach Tips and Drills Angling

CoachThem Drill of the Week – Cleveland NZ Shooting

Drill Description: F1 and F3 leave at the same time. F1 and F3 start of skating backwards playing give and go as they skate around the center circle F1 passes to F2. F2 quickly passes to F3 line and quick passes across ice to F3 that has looped around. F3 would have passed to F4 who […]

CoachThem Ice Hockey Coach Tips and Drills NZ Shooting

CoachThem Drill of the Week – Bump Back

Drill Description: Opposite blue lines start at the same time F1 loops out gets a pass from F, F1 bumps it back. F continues around with a bump back with the line he started from. F1 skates across blue line receives a pass from F2, F1 bumps it back and continues wide. F2 skates out and passes […]

Bump Back CoachThem Ice Hockey Coach tips and Drills Passing chips

CoachThem Drill of the Week – Team Canada Wannabe

Drill Description: X1 starts with puck, skates in for a shot on goal X1 picks up loose puck in corner and skates up the middle X2 swings towards the boards and receives pass from X1 – X3 skates across the neutral zone and receives pass from X2 X3 then skates down for a shot on goal, keeps […]

CoachThem Drill of the Week – 2 Way, 2 vs 1

Drill Description: Version A – On Whistle, from both ends F1 passes puck to who walks the line and takes a shot on goal while F1 skates to the front of the net for a tip. – F1 continues to skate receiving a pass from F2, and continues to skate down the wall, F2 skates hard to jump […]

CoachThem Drill of the Week – Find the Pocket Man

Drill Description: The “Pocket”: A slang term used to denote an area on the ice most times referring to the slot. Getting open for a pass in the “sweet” spot in the slot – between the hash marks. Version B – F1 (facing boards) have to work the boards to find a passing lane to  F2 […]

CoachThem Mike Weaver Pocket Man Ice Hockey Tips and Drills