Hockey Share Drill of the Week: Sprint Regap 2v1   Drill Description: D1 & D2 start by sprinting up to the red line and pivoting back. F1 chips a puck behind D1. D1 pivots and recovers the puck. F1 swings through middle. F2 loops to the strongside wall. D3 sprints to the red line to set a gap. D1 passes to D2 who […]

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Elite Hockey Development Drills – Double Quick-up

Drill Description: Forwards line up on all four blue lines. Defensemen start on red line. Extra defensemen are inside the center circle. On whistle, both sides leave at the same time, O1 and O3 (one side shown). O1 makes a quick pass to D1. D1 skates backward with the puck deep into the neutral zone; […]

Elite Ice Hockey Drills Double Quick up Hockey Coach

Hockey Share Drill of the Week: Quick Touch NZ Goalie Warmup   Drill Description:  First player in line passes to the line directly across from them and get a quick one-touch pass back. Player then passes to the opposite line, receives a quick one-touch pass back, then goes in for a quick shot. Notes: Opposite lines go at the same time.   For more Drills […]

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Pasco Valana from Elite Goalies Canada talks about the execution of the RVH for Ice Hockey Goaltenders. In this video Pasco breaks down NHLer Eric Comrie of the Winnepeg Jets and and how he is able to be effective with his RVH patterns.     For more from Pasco and Elite Goalies checkout

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Hockey Share Drill of the Week: Breakout 2v1 & Point Shot   Drill Description:  Forwards dump puck in to opposite corners. D2 retrieves the puck D1 moves to support position. F1 and F2 move to wing breakout and center breakout positions. D2 passes to D1, D1 passes to F1 on the wing. F1 and F2 head up ice for a 2v1 vs D4 – D1 […]

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Hockey Share Drill of the Week: Wrap Support 2v1   Drill Description:  Co wraps puck 1 to F1 – F1 stops it, F2 cuts across high in the zone to support, F1 passes to F2 for a quick shot. Co passes puck 2 to D1 for a quick point shot – F1 & F2 tip. Co chips a 3rd puck out and F1 […]

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Hockey Share Drill of the Week: Double Swing Breakout Pattern Warmup   Drill Description: X1 & X1 cross the zone and exchange pucks – then pass to the line they are skating toward and get a quick pass back. X1 & X2 pass to the Coach on their side and perform the breakout pattern (either Center or Wing – in this diagram, X1 is running […]

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Hockey Share Drill of the Week: One Touch Warmup   Drill Description: The first player in each line performs two quick touch passes with the player on the dot. The player on the dot returns the puck to the next player in line. One side gets the return pass in the slot and takes a shot – the other side continues around the […]

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Jay Woodcroft: Creating Offense From the Cycle

You can’t coach offense, right? Not the case, according to Jay Woodcroft of the Edmonton Oilers. The video excerpt below was captured just after Woodcroft and head coach Todd McLellan moved on from the offensive firepower of the San Jose Sharks to a hard-luck story in Alberta’s northern capital that would gift them some kid […]

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Jeremy Rupke: The Finer Details of Shooting the Puck

  “He scored 50 goals in the NHL, I think he knows what he’s talking about.” The debate about the proper way to shoot rages on, and for Jeremy Rupke, it’s an argument that’s not really worth our time. Why? Because there’s more than one way to shoot the puck. Just like there are players […]

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