Drill of the Week: 1on1 Boston Bruins

Drill Description: D1 starts with one foot on the NZ dot, facing the boards, puck is on the red line in front of the D1 On the whistle, both F’s go through the circle and must touch the line When F’s touches the puck, the D can move and they play 1 vs 1 After the 1 […]

Drill of the Week: Track And Support

Drill Description: D1 receives F1 – 1vs1 – F2 tracks D1 stands up on F1 and puck is chipped F2 slides behind D1 and gets puck F2 cuts top of circle and up other side vs D2 F3 steps out to track F2 Both ends same time For more drills visit ————> CoachThem

CoachThem Drill of the Week: Angle Progression

Drill Description: To eliminate a choice for the offensive player, we don’t go straight at, in front or behind them. We want to remove all options for that player by taking away where we don’t want them to go and give them one choice: down the boards! The drill starts on the whistle.  D angles F down the boards […]

CoachThem Drill of the Week: 1vs1, 2vs1, 3vs2 Add On

Keep your forwards thinking after the first shot. And the second. And the third. Drill Description: On whistle F1 starts by receiving puck from Coach and going down the ice 1 vs 1 with D1. After the play F1 receives next puck from Coach and goes on a 2 vs 1 with F2 on D2. Final regroup with F3 joining F1 & F2, on a 3 vs […]

CoachThem Drill of the week

CoachThem Drill of the Week: 1on1 D-Man Fold to the Middle

A simple twist to traditional 1on1’s. Drill Description: F lineup on hash marks… NO Cheating D lineup with stick touching boards On whistle F takes off with the puck on a 1 vs 1 with D D can’t turn forwards until the Red Line ADVANCED: D lies flat on the ice with stick touching boards. Key Points: D on start stay low, must […]

Coachthem Fold Mike Weaver Ice Hockey Coach NHL Drill

CoachThem Drill of the Week: Re-Gap Forward Middle Attack

Get your skates moving in practice, both up and down, in this tough but effective gap-up drill. Drill Description: D1 leaves with a puck and passes to F1 skating across the zone F1 plays 1 vs 1 against D1 from the opposite end of the ice that has gap up play out until whistle blows Key Points: […]

24_Regap Forward Attack Middle CoachThem Mike Weaver Ice Hockey Drill

CoachThem Drill of the Week: Nashville Slot Protect 1 vs 1

Remember the Nashville Predators? Remember their world-famous defensemen? They might have fallen short to the Winnipeg Jets in this year’s playoffs, but they’ll be back. Drill Description: D1 starts with puck at the bottom of the circle and passes to F1  F1 passes to D2 and skates hard to the net while being boxed out by […]

Slot Protect Ice Hockey Coach CoachThem Mike Weaver

CoachThem Drill of the Week: 1on1 Offensive Zone Sneak

Get your players thinking in a game-like situation. Drill Description: F1 starts at the blueline.  D1 starts in front of net (facing up ice). F1 skates 3/4 speed, behind goal line, around the net (staying against boards). Coach passes to F1 at any point. D1 remains stationary until pass is made. D1 reacts and angles F1 towards the […]

1vs1 From Anywhere offensive zone Coachthem Mike Weaver Ice Hockey

CoachThem Drill of the Week: 1on1 Progression

Want to get your players fired up at the end of practice? Drill Description: On whistle O1 plays X1 1 vs 1 2nd whistle they leave their puck and join O2 and X2 which turns into a 2 vs 2.​​​​​​ Optional: No Whistle. Coach sends in two more players which turns it into 3 vs 3 Key Points: […]

1on1 Progression Drill of the Week Coachthem Ice Hockey Mike Weaver