What is a ‘Hockey Guy’?

Is it the guy who sits in a bar yelling at the players zipping across the enormous tv screen? Yelling at them to ‘hit ’em’ or ‘shoot’ or ‘move the *&*#$* puck!’. Or is a ‘hockey guy’ the guy who can tell you who the Canucks drafted first in ‘76 (trick question, first pick that […]

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Five steps to overcoming fear in Hockey!

It’s that feeling you get before the game.  Sometimes, it even happens during the game. You do your best to shake it off, take your mind off it, and psych yourself up…whatever it takes to not dwell on it. But, it’s there. It’s the one four-letter word you actually don’t like using or thinking about: […]

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FROM BEHIND THE BENCH: The Italian Job by Mark Holick

Mark Holick was very familiar with North American ice after leading the WHL’s Prince George Cougars and the Kootenay Ice, as well as the AHL’s Syracuse Crunch. Not to mention coaching stints with the South Surrey Eagles (leading to a Royal Bank Cup victory), as well as multiple turns with the BCHL and AJHL. These […]

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How To End Sulking Players

Today, I make the bold claim that we can end sulking players. Forever! Wouldn’t that be nice? We all know the “Sulking Player”. They’re upset. They drain your energy. They drain the team’s energy. They don’t communicate. When they DO play, they suck. AND the parents are probably sulking TOO! It’s just a lose-lose situation. […]

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Confidence – The Collateral Benefit of Being Present In the Moment!

“Confidence is contagious, so is lack of confidence.” –Vince Lombardi The Merriam-Webster dictionary uses the following definitions (among others) to define confidence as: a feeling that you can do something well or succeed at something a feeling or belief that someone or something is good or has the ability to succeed at something a feeling […]

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FROM THE FOUNDER: Why Every Minute Counts

How much do you value time? Or more accurately – How much does your team value time? I ask because recently a digital clock appeared in the timekeeper’s box at Toronto Maple Leafs practices. You might assume it’s because there were no other clocks visible in the Leafs practice facility. Not true. There is one on […]

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Video: The Cost of Youth Sports

with TeamSnap's Ken McDonald

Sports demand a lot of attention, time and money from families. To find out how much our friends at TeamSnap conducted their own survey to look into the cost of sports and whether it is worth it for families. One of the questions posed to parents was what benefits do you see for your child […]

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Bench Management: 9 Things Coaches Need to Know

I have never played or coached football but I would expect that as a coach, “in game” decision are more important than almost any other sport. Baseball would be a close second with managers calling steals, bunts, hit and runs and often pitches from the dugout. As hockey coaches, we all strive to be good […]