Ask A Coach: University Of Vermont Associate Coach Kyle Wallach – Academics, Recruiting & Preparation

Kyle Wallach is currently enjoying a challenging season as an associate coach with the University of Vermont Men’s Hockey Team. For Kyle and the rest of the staff at UVM, of course winning hockey games is important, but when you’re overseeing a program that’s built on the balance between academics and athletics, sometimes the bigger […]

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FROM BEHIND THE BENCH – The Specialist by Pavel Barber

In this instalment of FROM BEHIND THE BENCH, stickhandling specialist and online phenom, Pavel Barber, gives us a glimpse into his world. With millions (and millions) of views on his YouTube and Instagram tutorials, Barber is super humble and extremely passionate about the game of hockey and his influence on young players today. He’s got […]

Steve Spott: Are We Setting Reasonable Expectations for Our Players?

From a hockey coach’s perspective, setting reasonable expectations is, well, a reasonable responsibility. That’s because we have the benefit of comparison. To set expectations for one player in any given season, we compare him or her to peers – other players trying to make the team, other players competing for ice time, and other players […]

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ASK A COACH – Kris Mallette of the Kelowna Rockets

  Kelowna Rockets Assistant Coach Kris Mallette has seen a lot in his career. From playing junior hockey with the Kelowna Rockets to coaching the Western Hockey League powerhouse, Kris played for nine teams in five leagues in under a decade. You could say his apprenticeship has been fulfilled and then some. Throughout his career, […]

ASK A COACH – Sven Butenschon UBC Men’s Hockey

Sven Butenschon is entering his second season as the head coach of the UBC Men’s Hockey Team. Sven had tours of NHL duty with the Pittsburgh Penguins (more on that in a minute), the Edmonton Oilers, New York Islanders, and Vancouver Canucks before packing up his family to play a few more years in Europe. […]

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Inspiration Through the Eyes of Craig Cunningham

You could lose everything and never see it coming. That’s the best thought I came up with to introduce Craig Cunningham’s talk from this year’s Coach’s Conference. Not because I want to scare anyone, but it’s because it’s the truth. When he woke up that morning, the former Vancouver Giant thought he was simply preparing […]

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