PODCAST | Paul Boutilier on Creating the Hockey Culture We Need

The Belleville Senators of the American Hockey League are incredibly fortunate to have one of the game’s brightest teachers, educators, and listeners on their staff in Paul Boutilier. Paul’s been around the block, both as a player in the NHL and worlds beyond, and also as a coach, spending over 20 years at the Canadian […]

PODCAST | Saul Miller & the Mental Game of the Hockey Player

“What’s your spirit animal?” That was a question Dr. Saul Miller asked a team of midget hockey players of which I was the coach a few years back, and the responses were fantastic. Tiger. Eagle. Shark. Then Ethan Cap said Gorilla and the entire room exploded. Ethan plays for the Edmonton Oil Kings now and […]

Dr Saul Miller Ice Hockey Coach Tips and Drills Spirit Animal

PODCAST | Bliss Littler on Bringing Offense Back to Hockey

What’s the most exciting part of hockey? Is it big hits? Well, the physical part of the game isn’t as important as it used to be. Key defensive stands on the penalty kill? That’s only exciting because of what’s happening on the other side of the puck. Offside reviews that wipe out completely untainted goals? […]

Bliss Littler Ice Hockey Coach TIps and Drills Podcast Glass and Out Wenatchee Wild BCHL

PODCAST | Craig Custance & 2 Years of Interviews with the NHL’s Best Coaches

Craig Custance didn’t mean to write a book. It just sorta … happened. Well, that’s not entirely true. Craig started the process of writing Behind The Bench by doing what all good, hard-working reporters do – collecting information and organizing it into a manageable product. What he didn’t realize at first was that common threads […]

Craig Custance Behind the Bench Mike Babcock Podcast Glass and Out Ice Hockey Coach Tips and Drills