PODCAST | Portland Winterhawks Head Coach Mike Johnston: Defeating a Losing Streak

Any time a young athlete moves, adversity tags along. Moving away from home? Check. Moving onto a new league? Yep, adversity. Moving up from junior to professional hockey? Absolutely. “Make sure everything you do today sets the table for the future.” Mike Johnston, Head Coach and General Manager of the Portland Winterhawks, has created a […]

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PODCAST | World Champion, Motivator, Skating Coach: Victor Kraatz

Victor Kraatz is doing a lot more than just teaching hockey players new tips and techniques to improve their skating. He’s teaching them how to be better people, too. Sure, you say. Every coach is trying to do that. Well, if you ever have the pleasure of meeting Victor, you’ll know what we’re talking about. […]

PODCAST | Arizona Coyotes Skills Coordinator Jeff Ulmer: Analytics & Modern Coaching

The Arizona Coyotes have been front and centre in hockey’s great analytics debate. However, according to Jeff Ulmer (and most coaches whose paycheque depends on wins and losses, at least to a degree), there’s no debate: analytics are a tool for improvement. Coaches use the knowledge to varying degrees, and everyone has their preference, but […]

PODCAST | Learning How to Be Coached by Former BC Lion Angus Reid

Angus Reid was a feared offensive lineman with the CFL’s BC Lions for eleven years. 11! He had the same offensive coordinator for all eleven seasons, Dan Dorazio. Can you imagine working with the same players on the same techniques and routines for eleven seasons? Well, Dorazio did such a good job with Reid that […]

PODCAST | Teambuilding with UNB Head Coach Gardiner MacDougall

The hockey season has started with a bang, and USports, formerly the CIS, is leading the way with exhbition games underway. On the first episode of the 2018/19 season’s Glass & Out Podcast, we wanted to ask a long-serving university coach about the importance of culture when it comes to building your team. Enter Gardiner […]