PODCAST | Don Hay & the Magic of the World Junior Tournament

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! For hockey coaches from St. John’s to the Sunshine Coast, it’s a time to forget about the real world of work, practice, and whatever else drags you down. It’s time to focus on hockey tournaments, games, short term competitions, and a relatively new ritual here in Canada: […]

Don Hay Glass and Out World Junior Ice Hockey Championships Coach Tips and Drills

PODCAST | Florida Panthers Assistant Coach Ben Cooper

It might surprise you to learn that not every National Hockey League franchise oozes money. We’re used to the big budget teams of western Canada – Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton – but when it comes to the Florida Panthers, they have to make it work without unlimited resources. And for Ben Cooper, Florida’s assistant coach responsible […]

The Glass & Out Podcast, Ep. 1: Mike Weaver

Alright, I have a confession to make: I don’t know how to fix minor hockey. From the organizations at the grassroots level to the parents running them, it’s quite simply beyond my grasp. Aaron and I have been involved in minor hockey for what seems like decades, and the more we talked about it on […]

Glass and out Mike Weaver NHL CoachThem Ice Hockey Tips and drills

PODCAST | The Cycle of Minor Hockey with Derek Popke

When the Minor Hockey Talk podcast was started by Aaron and Derek Popke a couple years ago, the premise was simple: a local show to get the minor hockey conversation moving forward. Well, there hasn’t been a shortage of topics for Aaron and me to cover since Derek got too busy making the minor hockey […]

Minor Hockey Talk Hockey Development Early Jitters Derek Popke Score Goals Punishment Minor Hockey Derek Popke

PODCAST | Aaron & Kelvin Solve the Cross Ice Hockey Crisis

Sometimes I just don’t understand the controversy. A couple weeks back hockey parents all over the country were enraged with the introduction of cross hockey for five and six year-old hockey players. It’s a style of play made famous by first overall NHL draft pick Auston Matthews, so it’s a no-brainer for everyone, right? Well, […]

Cross Ice Hockey Austin Matthews Aaron Wilbur Kelvin Cech Coach Tips and Drills