The modern game requires defencemen have quick feet.
Nothing drives the compete level up in your practice more than a good ol’ fashioned 1-on-1 drill. There’s nowhere to hide, and for Colorado Avalanche assistant coach Nolan Pratt, when it comes to the defence, that’s a good thing. See also:

The modern defenceman is tasked with jumping up into the rush on the offensive side of the puck more than ever before. That’s a good thing too, as long as they remember that priority number one is stopping the other team from scoring.

Having quick feet can help a team offensively, but it’s a trait that’s beneficial to the defensive side of the puck as well. For defencemen, it’s important to get up in the play and establish a good gap.

These three drills from Pratt will get your defencemen feeling more confident with their feet. Watch the full premium video with a membership to The Coaches Site.

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