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Tampa Bay Lightning’s Frantz Jean on Scouting Goalies

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Frantz Jean on Scouting Goalies

Goaltenders have some of the most interesting stories of all. And yeah, it might be because they’re a little off. But more likely it’s because they see the game from a perspective that’s just not normal for regular coaches. In fact, they see so much more of the game because every decision made on the ice by a forward or a defenseman could have an impact on the goalie.

So really, if there’s a coach who knows more about the game than anyone, it’s the coach who sees it from the most stressful possible angles.

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Frantz Jean & Scouting Goaltenders

What have we here? A goaltender has turned against one of his own? Blasphemy!


Well, part of Frantz Jean’s responsibility as the goaltender coach with the Tampa Bay Lightning is scouting goalies the team is scheduled to play in upcoming games and reporting to Jon Cooper’s coaching staff about what to look for.

Maybe the goalie struggles with consistency. Maybe there’s a certain forecheck the team can use to try to exploit that goaltender’s weaknesses. Maybe the goaltender allows the same type of goal on Monday nights when the moon is full and the hot dog vendor across the street is singing just the right tune.

Who knows when it comes to goalies?

Frantz Jean watches millions of goals against his own goaltenders as well as other around the NHL. So sure, the goalie coach is primarily responsible for the goalies on his own squad, but ultimately he’s tasked with helping the entire team in general.

So the next time you think about chirping a goalie coach with that classic four word phrase, think twice – there’s a good chance he or she is contributing much more than meets the eye.

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